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  1. Thank you for your input and information! I don’t take antibiotics or birth control pills, but I do take multivitamins (VitaCraves Teen MultiGummies). I’m not quite SURE whether I have a white tongue or not. I don’t have dandruff considering the fact that I managed to control it by washing my scalp and hair daily. Lastly, I do have a little bit of skin flaking near the corners of my lips. Thank you for your help! Greatly appreciated! Here’s my tongue since I’m not sure whether I
  2. I recently moved to anew place. Some place very hot and humid. I have very oily skin and also don’t have an AC to help stop oiliness and sweating. In exchange, I drink lots of water and have a constant sleeping schedule (Sleep at 10 - Wake at 6). Not only that, I work out. I have the same diet as I’ve had for all my life but this is the first time I’ve ever had THIS SEVERE of a break out. I started using Cetaphil Daily Cleanser. I apply it on my DRY skin, a method I learned fr