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  1. Sounds like an allergic reaction. And you never mentioned this in all the discussions last year about DIM and Vitamin D. With breakouts like this a systemic elimination of foods and products should be your first step. hahaha! Okay, sure, guess it was an allergic reaction. Good luck everybody. edit: Funny thing. I didn't come here to convince anybody of anything. I came here to tell my story in hopes that it could help somebody. But I have been getting replies from people
  2. Wow! I just started a thread on how I got clear by essentially doing nothing only to find this poll! Apparently the idea of "doing nothing" has been a hot topic since I've been gone. Obviously, I voted that it helps--it cleared me up and changed my life!!!! woo hoo!! Give it a try, its a beautiful thing!! I am so happy!
  3. Good luck! My skin was gorgeous when I was pregnant! I wasn't using any products, plus without the monthly cycle that was (at the time) my main source of breakouts, I looked radiant and no one was shy to tell me. I hid my pregnancy for the first few months, but my glowy skin gave it away to a few people! haha.
  4. Description of my "acne" From about the age of 20+, I had menstrual related breakouts--nothing to fret over. From a year and half ago, I'd feel an itch on my face where there was nothing and 10 minutes later there'd be inflamed..."zit". I'd get a couple per day. Stopping with the anti-aging lotion that had retinol and anything that was drying had such a great impact. No more zits just appearing out of nowhere. From then on out, it was gradual clearing of clogged pores. I'd see them developin
  5. See my recent post on how I got clear. Its cheap. Best thing to do is to ACCEPT your acne. Be mentally PREPARED to LIVE WITH IT FOREVER, then let go, and don't do anything. Just wash with water, no "treatment" lotions, have sex, eat what you aren't sensitive to and FORGET IT. If you can ACCEPT it, you can STOP it in about 3 months. You have to be ready to live with it FOREVER, because 3 months will FEEL LIKE FOREVER. You can do it! Try it. At least try it, before you try urine or cum :-S
  6. Hahaha! I'm just really happy to have clear skin. I don't care if you believe me or not. What I have described has cleared my skin. That's all. I'm just really, really happy and proud of myself everyday. Every day it just gets better and better. I have changed diet, etc in the past without success. I've studied nutrition and interactions and nutrients and supplements. None of that worked. In fact, the past 2 weeks I fell off the wagon with my diet and restarted today. I didn't breakout because
  7. Well people, its been a very long time. I finally decided to come back and describe what has happened with me. I haven't actually sat down and thought out what to say or how to say it, so I hope it comes out okay. About a year and a half ago, I noticed that what used to be rather mild, occasional breakouts had started to become more often and spreading (when I broke out on my neck behind my ears, I knew that I wasn't imagining anything). So I scoured the web and I came here. I decided to launch
  8. fyi to anyone doing omega 3s and 6s (fish oil or CLO + EPO or borage): you might want to add sesame seeds to your diet or supplements, it will inhibit conversion of DGLA to arachidonic acid and thus more readily give an anti-inflammatory result instead of inflammation. research sesame and arachidonic acid or sesame and delta-6-desaturase.
  9. databased, I would say chromium. I don't know why you have your doubts about it. I don't know about chromium GTF, but chromium nicotinate or chromium picolinate is probably a good choice to combine with zinc to address acne. It is chromium and zinc that have helped me the most. (I used topical zinc oxide because I had it in the cabinet already and didn't have time to go out and buy a supp.) With that said, vitamins A, C, E and D and EGCG and turmeric are all very good supplements to take for a
  10. I would say that if you could only pick one, it was probably the chromium picolinate. After that, is zinc (combined with copper to prevent copper deficiency). If you want to try to narrow it down, I would highly recommend you try 200 chromium twice a day (for 400 total daily) plus the zinc/copper combo at current dose for a week and see the results. I have had amazing results with chromium nicotinate 400 and zinc oxide 3% topical (its something I already had in my cabinet, otherwise I'd go out
  11. terradacto, your description of the menstrual disruption you experienced on accutane and when taking too much beta carotene was identical to my EVERY month experience from puberty thru college...during that time in my life, I had NO acne, perfectly clear skin! Every month I'd go thru that nausea and passing out and so much more (hallucinating, fever, shakes, nose bleed), but my skin was perfectly flawless. I only remember ever getting one pimple in all of high school. I definitely believe tha
  12. Congratulations! I am so happy for you. Believe it or not, I think you may have hit upon a possible solution for people suffering from regular ole *hormonal* acne (mostly females, I think...cuz I'm female, so I don't pretend to know anything about male acne). Are you female? Here's my recent experience: I went on an unusual spinach based diet a couple of months ago (don't ask why) and my skin cleared up very nicely. Also, I believe that my fertility was boosted, as I have since gotten pre
  13. Unfortunately there are synthetic progestins in Yasmin (silverlake) and in some IUDs (twins). The effects of these progestins can be varying. But you might look into Restored Balance PMS cream. It is highly concentrated so you don't have to use very much and there's not alot of unnecessary extras in the cream. The best thing about them is that I looked them up online when I was trying to decide which brand to buy and I called them and explained my situation (being preggers) and the guy (Micha
  14. edit: if you have tried birth control or other hormonal products with poor results, it might be because the synthetic progestins used in those products have varying results on different people. Thats why one BCP can work for one woman and not for another and that is why some BCP cause certain risks and side effects in some people but not others...each body reacts differently to the foreign progestin. Natural progesterone cream uses BIO-IDENTICAL progesterone, so it is chemically the same as wh
  15. My skin was fantastic when I was pregnant. I thought it was because I no longer got the monthly breakout, which was (at the time) the sum of my problem. After ALOT of research, I have concluded that I am a low progesterone producer and the sudden drop in progesterone that occurs every month leaves me with a temporary state of estrogen dominance. I believe that using natural progesterone cream in the 2 weeks before the start of my period will tame that problem. I am using progesterone cream n