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  1. im usu not affected by my acne scars but when it comes to whether someone will hire me because my skin's not perfect, then it bugs me.whats a library page?
  2. Ive recently just landed an interview with Buckle..a clothing store. and Im worried about the interview because I know that appearances really matter as does personality.. and my skin really gets in the way of that..both appearance and personality..bare minerals takes away the redness of my red marks but doesnt totally hide them.and im totally psyching myself out... So how should I approach the interview.. i dont even know what to wear.. I just wanna know what type of jobs everyone has...to g
  3. I'm in that situation right now.. It's really...complicated. He was never a boyfriend but that's what i wanted it to be. sadly he turned it into a friends with benefits type thing, even though he knew I wanted more than that. Im definitely sure I dont love him but it hurts nonetheless because he was my first for a lot of things. including my first time having sex. One day we were talking and he brought up my skin in a roundabout way. he mentioned that he didnt tell anyone (my family) that i w
  4. Ooookay....no more joking with any reference to you again. Not a problem... Lol, this is funny. funny shit! he/she? called you out! But all in good fun. I do sometimes see responses to posts that are a little insensitive. be nice ppl!
  5. orange bird! ahaha. uhm. I definitely lean towards people who have same interests as me. But i agree that girls have it harder bc they are expected to look pretty and put together and all that crap. but eff that. i love being a girl!
  6. siiia


    ive been drinking acv for about a week and i noticed that im breaking out which is really random becuase my skin has been break out free for a while now.. i was just doing it for my redmarks & i cant think of anything else that would make my skin break out.. so should i stop or just keep at what im doing? i dont want anymore REDMARKS n i dont see the point in drinking something that will "purge" my skin and cause more redmarks...arhkjshrh!
  7. ahh! I'm kind of in the same situation as you. the whole boy thing. We were talking a bit and then I all upped and sabotaged it. aka..i started to ignore him, avoided eye contact.. because i guess my insecurities got the best of me.. ..hate it when that happens.. n i can totally relate to you when you say that you dont care what others think of your skin..dont get me wrong, my perception of myself is somewhat affected by what others think.. but only to a certain extent. I just want clear skin!
  8. I like this post! Sometimes topicals and cleansers and toners and lasers and needles and pills and and and--just help people to get by and have hope that theyll find something that works. Because some acne products DO work. But, of course, everything in moderation... glad au natural works for you tho.
  9. FTW! i would kill for your redmarks. honestly.. your skin looks fabulous. dont worry bout it.
  10. I actually just started again. This morning I took 1tb with a glass of water.. Hope it's not too little. With my skin, I think the less makeup the better..but I honestly just wanna see if i can actually cover up my red marks..thanks for the makeup info! I think im gonna try out the l'oreal mineral powder first.
  11. I've tried apple cider vinegar but the results just werent fast enough. i know i know, persistence. I guess Ill start that back up. Your skin looks great in your pic btw.. so what do you use for coverage? I have mostly redmarks to cover up.. no active acne.
  12. siiia


    damn redmarks. To anyone who has used this product. Do you think it would be a good idea to just dab it on my redmarks and leave it on all day? My skin's not sensitive, I think it can handle it. But ..any thoughts? anyone try it before?
  13. So I'm happy to say that the regimen has been really good to me, I'm clear majority of the time save that certain time of the month.. So now I feel like it's time to fine tune everything and get rid of my red marks. I've recently just purchased Vita-k for acne scars and it is sooo damn greasy but I'm def gonna give it a chance. I've also ordered Dan's jojoba oil..which is greasy as well..anything to get rid of those redmarks.. so Im wondering if anyone can give me a suggestion of how to go ab
  14. CHamorro/ Spanish---for the most part. damn no chamorros on this board?
  15. Hi Geronimo, Im interested in this product, I was just wondering how bad your red marks were prior to using this, and also If it lightens your skin like a skin whitening product?? or does it just lighten the hyperpigmentation, red marks..etc..?
  16. ninjatoshiba's sounds like a good suggestion. So does giovanni.v's. ahahaha! btw--this is such a cute post.
  17. Wow--your skin looks so damn goood. congrattts. what you using?
  18. Your skin type sounds like mine. Im struggling with that And red marks. Awful red marks that wont fade. what do you use for red marks?
  19. I've just introduced the toner into my regimen. It didnt sting too badly. I waited Ten+ minutes to allow it to dry then I applied Dan's BP. My question is.. Is the toner supposed to make the BP feel so watery? it just glided on, no "tackiness". I hope it doesn't do anything bad...to my skin. So I guess Im asking if anyone had a similar experience? Ive tried to find reviews on the toner but there aren't too many. hope I explained myself well, thnx.
  20. I actually used 10% when first starting the regimen. My skin wasn't Irritated but was flaking like crazy. then I switched over to Dan's BP and my skin got alot better. If you do use more than 2.5% I suggest you use a really good moisturizer .. not sure of any good ones tho..still trying to find one. hope this helps.
  21. I just my aqua glycolics in the mail. I ordered the cleanser. I'm about 2 months into the regimen. Last night was my first night using it with BP and my face got red and irritated. Im wondering if I should just discontinue using the AG cleanser or wait it out? or use less BP? but I know that's stupid because that's the main part of the regimen. I also got a new moisturizer and it's neutrogena healthy skins. I think it might be too harsh on my skin, all these new products..AHA's... but..I dont
  22. I hattte getting haircuts too. Im a girl tho.. I should love it. but no. The worst part for me is when they wash your hair and you have to tilt your head wayyyy back. bad bad angles i say. ugh..
  23. So you only use a cleanser? No bp or moisturizer? Just wondering tho, do you buy your AG online?