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  1. Just let nature take it's course. The less you fuck with it the sooner it'll go away.
  2. I don't know exactly how to explain it, but I think the cure for acne is just to live life naturally. Go out and do everything you can do, and when you retire, just cleanse with water. Get plenty of rest, sun exposure, water, exercise, etc. Everyone always labels those things as no-brainers, but I'm sure there are a lot of people who aren't doing those things.
  3. While there may something to say about diets and our lifestyles, how I look at it is people who lived simpler lives also lived short lives. I'm sure they enjoyed their acne free existence for their 50 years, or however long many people back then were expected to live. Theres always these examples I can think of which question our common beliefs towards ance -- Irritation. It's believed to be a factor which acne, yet what about boxers? Shouldn't they all have acne considering the potentia
  4. Yes in fact. I think it has something to do with the tropical weather too, and the fact that I'm of chinese and probably have genes not suited to the weather in Phils I've noticed a lot of people who migrated from the Philippines have scarring. So to clear this up (no pun intended), acne was, in fact, a mutation? Because if that is true, then foods we eat can't really start breakouts, or even cause it, it's only possible that it can worsen it.
  5. I almost think that not touching it completely, not washing it etc. will allow your skin to naturally adapt and fix itself.
  6. It's funny. Sometimes when I used to spend the night at my friends house (this guy's skin is flawless), he always says he never even washes his face.
  7. Yeah. I think some products are perfectly fine; but others are just blatant market scams to make money. It just sucks that we have to be the butt end of it sometimes.
  8. I don't think it is that easy to find reliable statistics on the prevalence of acne in the US between the 1970's and now. I'm sure if you did some serious digging and had access to some decent online peer-reviewed publications, you'll come up with something. In any case, I don't doubt that lifestyle can make contributions to acne, but for all you know, it could also be environmental factors and toxins as well as genetics and individual physiology. For instance, I live in an area where more pe
  9. I don't mean to be racist in the least, but I have seen previous generation acne scarring, but mostly from Filipino descent. Are your relatives from the Philippines?
  10. Exactly. I remember my dad saying they never had 'acne,' they got 'pimples.' And those who had it bad got it because of genetics. I think it really has to do with exercise, diet, and the way you wash your face. Marketing has taken care of creating product lines of 'miracle cures' for acne. The only problem is, they don't work.
  11. Your signature and response is music to my ears (maybe eyes). I think everyone should sell all of their home entertainments systems, tv's etc, and get out in the real world. I think everyone would be less judgmental and shallow if they weren't marinated with tv and video games. And yes I am totally guilty of the whole commercial-testimonial, etc. Just because products work on someone doesn't mean they'll work on others. That's why some have allergies, and others don't. American lifestyle di
  12. Hah! Money of course. A lot of antibiotics' side effects are worse than the condition they're are helping cure. Does that mean people realize that? Absolutely not!
  13. If you stop washing, maybe only wash every other day or so, your skin will begin to re-hydrate itself. That's why the oil is there. Your skin is a tad too dry. Slowly begin to wash less and less and your skin will naturally even itself out. That's what I believe at least.
  14. I have acne. Like a lot of other people on this forum, probably at least 90%. But I have a question. Why is it that acne was shunned in the 70's? Why is it that our parents never seemed to have acne (at least the majority). It was because they were doing something then, or perhaps not doing something that naturally kept their skin clean. Anyone who had acne, had it bad back then, and <i>that</i> was because of genetics. Period. It was shunned because, as my friend said, it simply m
  15. Holy shit you seriously read my entire mind. I've been thinking this for weeks. I was thinking about old 70s movies where they didn't have proper makeup techniques to cover up blemishes, and at the same time didn't have benzoyl peroxide washes etc. and still had clear skin. I thought I was the only one thinking that way. I've been on only water for about a week and it works.