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  1. Hi, thanks, I understand what you mean, I just ordered it and if it arrives I first will test it on a clean spot at my arm and if I see that nothing horrible happens I will apply it on the spot at my face. I will write again here after I tried it for some days.
  2. @Athina1999 thanks for your input, man that is amazing how people are responsive here and try to help. I also had in mind that probably I have to let them remove surgically at some point, but I guess since it is only one sport and I am afraid of complications during surgery and extra scarring I just won't do it and try to get rid of it in other ways and if this does not work, I have to live with it I guess. Do you know how an skin biopsy works? Do they have to cut into the skin for that which mi
  3. Hi and thanks again. I will definitely try the tee tree oil, I have just ordered it. I am a little bit afraid of the alcohol and aspirin thing though. Is there any other way to apply the aspirin. As I looked on Amazon for the propanol and ethanol I just got products to clean the kitchen. Do you have any product recommendations for that? I do not have acne anymore by the way. Ah and one thing I forgot to mention, if I pick on it, apply big pressure or squeeze it, it will swallow a little bit just
  4. Hi and thanks for your replies. There is only one spot like this on my skin, I have had acne since I was 16 and now I am 35 and this happened 2 years ago and I never had experienced something like this before in my nearly 20 years of acne. During this years I went through 4 accutane therapies already, just so that you know something about my acne history. This happened as I was on accutane. But now the answers to your other questions. Right after it happened I went to a hospital and they gave my
  5. Hello all, two years ago I had a very deep and encapsulated inflammation and of course I tried to squeeze it out which did not work. Afterwards it got really big and red and swollen. After that point I left it alone and did not touch it anymore. From time to time it got smaller and also the redness vanished a little bit still is present. After two years now, there still is something under the skin, you can feel it if you touch it with your fingers and under certain lightning you can see tha