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  1. I think if we weren't assaulted with perfect images in the media every day acne would not be considered so ugly. It's like how in some cultures, larger women are considered the most beautiful yet in our culture it's the stick thin models that have the figure we are told we should have. Because we're told our skin should be flawless we believe blemishes are ugly. I would love to see people with acne on TV and in magazines. I'd love it if they stopped airbrushing models so we can see that they ha
  2. I haven't met many homeless people who have chosen that life. Only teenage runaways, really. Most homeless people are that way because they have drug or alcohol problems. I like that guys attitude to life.
  3. I would agree with blueeyedbia. You should do a search for the tape method in the scar forums here, I think that one might help once or twice a week. Also, have you tried an AHA moisturiser, that might be a good idea. Eucerin Renewal seems to minimise my flaky skin nicely.
  4. Hi Grainne, welcome to acne.org. I probably won't be the first to suggest this but it sounds like the antibiotic gels haven't been working well for you so maybe you should try Dan's regimen: http://www.acne.org/regimen.html It works for most people with mild to moderate acne. As for going out in the sun, I would really urge you to wear a sunscreen as the sun can really damage and age your skin. I understand your concerns about it clogging your skin as anything and everything seems to break mi
  5. I agree with cynic. I'm of the (controversial) belief that there's not really anything good to be found in milk. The commercials that you see about how good it is... well, nevermind... milk is for baby cows, in my opinion and not for us. Calcium is important for women especially, I agree with that. You can find calcium in many other foods such as green leafy vegetables (broccoli, collards, kale, mustard greens, turnip greens, bok choy) or you can take supplements. Cutting dairy out of 99% my d
  6. ballaballa, it's been slowly but surely fading my red marks. And it helped with blackheads too. My skin is so smooth.
  7. I use my toner right after I cleanse. So: - cleanser - toner - BP - moisturise Johnoz, I don't know. I wouldn't want to give you the wrong advice. I've never been on accutane but I do use the Proactiv toner. Most people here seem to say your skin is too sensitive for anything but gentle cleansers and moisturisers on accutane and it can scar easily. Your face might get a bit red and irritated with the glycolic acid, though I'm unsure what percentage it is. My understanding is, you cannot start t
  8. I think some of us are just prone to acne in certain areas and not others. I have never, ever had acne on my forehead or nose, only on the lower half of my face. I could rub grease on my forehead and not break out. Not that I'm gonna. The hat might cause irritation and spread bacteria, I have this problem with scarves as I get acne on my upper neck. I think if you try to have a clean hat, maybe if you have a few or if you wash it when you can that would be a good idea. It's probably best to l
  9. Hi Caroline, how are you? Hope your skin is doing well. I've started using the 2 hour rule when eating and drinking like your suggested. I started today, though I ate soup today so it might not count. However, I'm making sure I leave 2 hrs between eating and drinking and I take supplements so it's a bit tricky. I'm managing to swallow all my pills without water, kind of with food. The crazy things we do for acne!
  10. Hey Chica. I'm so sorry to hear about that. I think stopping the BP might have led to the break out but you can never be sure. Only that I know my skin would break out if I stopped, within days. You have to prevent every day I suppose. Could be hormonal though, I got a pimple on my cheek (and my cheeks have been clear for weeks) when my time of the month came the other week. I had a nice whitehead on my neck today, too. My face looks great but my neck, mainly the right side is a mess from previo
  11. Don't do that again! That's an order! I can see you going on a binge once your treatment is all done.
  12. I feel like that too. Like any extra cuts or scars on top of my acne red marks, etc will just mess up my face even further. I got a small cut on my neck the other day when my kitty scratched me by accident. Nooo! Bad kitty! Overly sensitive skin sucks.
  13. I haven't tried them myself but one of my friends never stops talking about how much she loves their products. She has beautiful skin and it isn't acne prone though, so I'm not sure how well it combats acne.