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  1. Thank you very much for the fast answer! At the beginning of my story I really did take tetracycline antobiotics. Althought I do not have any dandruff or a white tongue. And my skin is not itching at all - it is not even painful. Oh, and those things are filled with pus, if that makes a matter. Any more advice? Have a nice day :-)
  2. Hi there! Since a few months, I spent quite some time on this site to read along with you guys. But today; today I decided I need your help on my personal story. Oh and english isn't my first language... So I apologize in advance, if you really are going to read this. To my path of suffering As a teenager I was totally okay with my skin. At 20 years old I got my hormon spiral; worst idea in my life. Two years after that my skin became really bad: cystic acne. Some eve