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  1. well I had a slight problem with eczema on my arms and the doc gave me a steriod for it, this was similar but there were welt like red marks. Weird. I think it was a reaction to the sunscreen and salt water.
  2. I went to the beach today, first time all year and since I have been on accutane. I was warned by the derm to wear sunblock and if possible avoid the sun. I put SPF 70 on my face and SPF 30 on my body. I went into the water, which was questionable on how clean it was... ( there were a lot of feathers floating around) About ten minutes into swimming around with my friends I notice my arms are red and blotchy, I look down and so are my legs and my tummy, I noticed beacuse I felt itchy. I told my
  3. ya, what he said:)

  4. Accutane is not like a BC, there is no hormones, so it will not work like a BC. Plus if it works for you, it usually takes the whole course to clear. And with accutane I have noticed my skin looks great one day, and then the next, it stinks. I also am getting pimples where it used to be clear. Ugh. BUT the places it was horrendous, have cleared up dramatically. Have faith and Dont pick, cause china doll skin does not include scars. Good Luck
  5. Thank you for the reply!! I went in today and since she knows I am a cash patient, and paying for the accutane out of pocket she just charged me for an office visit. She ended up doing 6 injections on all actives on my face. =) They are all cystic. Now I guess I have another question, can I wear make up to work tonight?
  6. I am on my second month of Accutane and all had been going well until last week when I sprouted 3 cysts on my cheek and chin. They are under the skin and dont hurt or anything but are very noticeable, and makeup WILL NOT cover them!!! I made an appt to get them injected tomorrow, seeing as I am going out of town and want to look my best, but what exactly happens? How long does it take for them to go away? Does it matter that they have been there for nearly a week? I am pretty nervous, I hate ne
  7. Thanks. I guess I will call and find out how much they cost...
  8. I am in my second month of Accutane and my face has cleared up DRAMATICALLY, but... when I first started I broke out with cysts... they went away and they were off to the side where no one could really see them, I still hace a red mark from the one on my temple. At the begining of last week I sprouted 3!!! 2 on my cheek and one on my chin, they are very noticable and under the skin. I have a date on Sat. with a guy I met while my face looked real good, and I am going to be so insecure if I have
  9. 1. 26 F. 60mg a day on my second month 2. Cleanser - Manuka Honey and Goats milk bar of soap. Found it on Ebay and LOOOVVEEE it. 3. Moisturizer - Emu oil, and if it starts to flake I put on a bit of Cetaphil 5 min after the Emu oil 4. Spot Tratment - Tea Tree oil. (Only apply once it will DRY IT and the skin around it out bad, to the pint of peeling?) Also I use a Q tip and dab a lite amount only on the pimple. 5. Red Mark Treatment - EMU OIL!!!!! It may feel grreasy, but it is the best thi
  10. Ipledge is a bitch but your doctor should take care of most the paperwork and stuff, YOU have to wait the 30days, and your doc will give your second pregnancy test, then after you get your perscription you must go home first and log on to the Ipledge system, it will then ask you stupid questions about your knowledge on pregnancy prevention. It will ask you which two forms of BC you said you would use, they have to be the same as what you told your doctor. AFter you finish their questions the sys
  11. Hey, I just wanted to say you look really pretty in your avatar! Keep up your blog I really enjoy reading your posts.


  12. I am paying for everything out of pocket as I am not insured. My derm, cost me 85 initially, they gave me a cash discount because usually it is 110. My lab work cost me 69 dollars a month, and follow up visits to the derm cost me 45 dollars. My Sotret, jeez! a whopping 360 dollars a month. When you are paying out of pocket, let the dr know, I am a student and I am doing this because I have tried everything else and want to feel pretty before I am 30. I told her I am a student and after seeing my
  13. I bought Eucerin Redness relief spf 15, but to be honest I haven't used it much, I bought emu oil on Ebay, and have been using that. I don't know about the antibacterial cleanser, it could definitely make you flakey.
  14. I had a bad experience with ACV. besides making my skin break out it pretty much burnt my chin off. let the accutane do its job, without any help from the acv, honey or what ever. Just a gentle cleanse and some moisturizer. If you like the natural stuff try moisturizing with the emu oil. I read about it on the forums here and bought some on ebay. It has smoothed out my skin in days! Let the tane do its job, normal people with normal skin don't do anything wacky to their face, they don't need to,