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  1. Hello, I'm just wondering if you've found a solution to your scarred pores, or large pores in general.

    I have very large pores. :(

  2. well it's been almost a year since my last pill. i'm 90% clear. i get pimples but not as big and not as many cyst-like pimples. to maintain, i wash my face with st. ive's apricot scrub, and sometimes, i use 5% benzoyl peroxide. i also try to exfoliate because my skin doesn't shed properly. overall, i'm happy with the results of accutane. if ever my acne came back around, i probably would go for another round. good luck to all who are going through the accutane journey!!
  3. those are boxcar and icepick scars. they are very hard to get rid of. to help lessen the white stuff you squeeze out, i suggest you exfoliate every other day or every day using ASA 2% or BHA 2%.
  4. you have boxcar scars and icepick scars. those are very difficult to get rid of and if you did try to, it will cost you hella money. the white stuff is just your oil and dead skin mixed together. you get this because your skin isn't sloughing off normally. chemical peels should help with the scarring but not by that much unless you get the obagi blu peel. i've heard great results about it. good luck.
  5. since you don't have insurance, then try getting a good exfoliating products to open up your pores and let all that gunk out. the others are correct. you need retin-a, differin or tazorac for that type of acne.
  6. get on ACCUTANE if you can. tell your derm that you have been battling with acne for way too long. they will prescribe for acne that is persistent (at least five years... i had mine for at least 10 years) which doesn't respond to conventional treatments like benzoyl peroxide, retin-a, duac, etc... list everything you've tried and tell your derm that you are fed up...that you've tried everything under the sun. only accutane will help lessen your blackheads. it's just like what i had. accutane cl
  7. my acne was just like yours. benzoyl peroxide and retin-a didn't work for me because our problem is due to oily skin and clogged pores. get on ACCUTANE! it cleared me up 90% and cut down my oiliness by at least 70-80%.
  8. 5 months post-tane i didn't complete my course. i stopped accutane after 3 months because i was clear already. i stopped because i was having GI issues (i.e. constipation, relflux (i already had this but accutane exacerbated it)). anyway, i'm glad i went through accutane. i only get very few and very small skin-colored pimples/bumps on my forehead and rarely on other places. no more cysts/pustules! no more painful pimples! they go away quick though. i just have to maintain the results by exfol
  9. they are comedal acne. you need retinoids to get rid of that, and you can only get it from a derm.
  10. i'm almost done with my 3rd month, and i decided to stop taking accutane even though i have one more months worth left. i decided to do this because my face has been clear since around the first month, and i read somewhere during my research on accutane that treatment can be stopped with good results if you continue taking accutane at least 1.5 months after you clear up. i just can't stand the fact that i'm tired all the time and that my joints and muscles ache. it's not intolerable, but i ju
  11. hey, sorry for the late response, but i'm taking pathophys for nursing school. i have less than a year left. my dosage did not go up. i stayed at 40mg/day. i'm not doing 6 months. i'm actually only doing 3 months because my acne was gone by the first month, and as a rule that i read somewhere while researching accutane, at least 1.5 months after you clear on accutane, you can stop taking it. i decided to stop at 3 months because of this and because i don't like how i feel so tired all the
  12. yay to accutane!! it worked well to clear me up too. hehe
  13. I also like men just not sexually

  14. no, i don't have any red-marks. i do however have hyperpigmentation from the acne that has dried up and from before i even got on accutane. it's slowly going away though. thanks for dropping by!! thanks for stopping by Nali! and yes, i'm so thankful for accutane and what it has done to rid of my acne especically the painful nodules/cysts that i would get along my jawline. good luck with your accutane adventure! i hope you have success just like me. thanks kangin! yeh, i
  15. yooo.. i love accutane mayn. i don't get the red marks, but i get the dark brown spots. but i've been so good with not picking at my skin that i barely have them now. my skin is completely clear and i hope the results lasts after my 5 month course. i'm only ending month 2 now. =] how's japan!?