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  1. So, a short backstory: Acne since - well - 10ish. Put on all the different things available at the time (retin-a, differin, this, that and a mixture of everything). Ended up on accutane at 16. Cleared up after quite a while (not until the last month), but it was effective, and I was totally clear for about a year. It started creeping back... but wasn't really noticeable until 2 years later (at 18). Since then I have been consistently using tea tree oil soap (olive oil based, fragrance free,
  2. Price is not a factor in how good a soap is. I was just thinking that since this kind of soap has been produced for thousands of years, it would obviously be good for my skin, more than some wacked out Cetaphil cleanser with thirty ingredients produced in some science lab. I don't recognise the ingredients in Dan's Cleanser (I checked!) the only product I would buy from his store is his organic jojoba oil I googled lye and skin and didn't find any results that stated that lye in soap is
  3. Picked up this stuff for cheap at the grocery store ($2 a bar) and thought it sounded good. I've been trying to phase out all my complicated soaps, shampoo, conditioner and body care products and switching to organic and natural alternatives. The ingredient list was simple, and I recognised everything on it: olive oil, laurel oil, water, lye and salt States: "No animal fats, petroleum, chemicals, synthetic matter for colour, perfumes, foam or additives". And it's responsibly made. And r
  4. So you like the Retin-A Micro? Does that stuff have an expiration date? I think I have some old Retin-A stashed somewhere (not the micro though). Maybe I will see my dermatologist for it -- I don't have health insurance at the moment but hopefully will get it again within the next month or so. Also I might have some of the samples for retin a (I did find some atralin .05 - is that the same thing?) I also seem to have a couple samples of duac.
  5. sufacetamide? I had a product containing that before they stopped manufacturing it. it was really amazing. but this particular product was like a clay mask that you apply and let sit for a half hour or so, then rinse off. powerful stuff! what's the name of this scrub that the OP is talking about? I couldn't see a name...
  6. Wow, since I went on accutane a few years ago (I can't even remember when I had my course) I never thought I'd come back to this forum. I haven't really had acne since stopping the accutane, if I remember correctly I had some breakouts afterwards but not really anything worth noting, although I was terrified of it returning. Well, now I only get pimples around my monthly cycle - mostly near ovulation (TMI, sorry) Otherwise I am pretty clear. But, now that I only have individual spots and not a
  7. Been off Accutane for a while (early last fall) and just been washing my face, rarely getting spots and they go away without treatment. Well my singular spots are getting worse. I have lots of little ones now, BP 5% didn't even touch 'em and neither did some light SA 2.5% cream. Derm gave me two prescriptions to choose from: Duac 1-5% Atralin (tretinoin) .05% I had both of these (Retin-A and Clindamycin, same drugs) PRE-accutane and neither did anything. Doc assures me that my skin compositio
  8. I'll keep reading your log! My derm wants me to go on accutane and im about the same age as you, so it will be interesting to see how your round of tane goes.
  9. Alright... Just got my hair done today.. All -CHOPPED- off... So much less hair to deal with and now I can really focus on my scalp!! *Anyways*.. I have OILY hair.. Gets gross after 15 hours of washing it... I can NOT go 24 hours without washing my hair or it looks like I dipped it in Vegetable Oil!!... SOOO icky.. Not to mention embarrassing ... I take showers at Night so I can let my hair dry naturally and can't take one in the morning otherwise my hair looks absolutely *terrible*... I was
  10. Congrats on clearing up your face!! I wish I had made such progress. Okay all I can say is make sure you get enough water, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, refrain from touching or picking at your face... and try to keep your stress levels down (some studies have shown that stress is a contributing factor, i'm not sure if that's true, but even if it's not, it's still good to stress less)
  11. Update! Okay... Some of the spots cleared up overnight. It is a miracle. My regimen is to take Nature's Cure tablets 2 times a day, and Cephalexin antibiotic 2 times a day, and I just added the Mint Julep Mask on Friday. Yes I guess it was just bringing them to the surface... Many of the clogged pores on my face are now gone!! Yippee!
  12. This is my second time using the Mint Julep Masque. I used it on Friday night and now I am using it again, on Sunday night. My skin has been clearing remarkably. I am on Nature's Cure to balance my hormones and instead of breaking out at my time of the month I have been clearing up.. It is so amazing. I was so happy until.... I took this mask off. I have SO many new bumps. I have a ton of clogged pores, but very few pimples. And now I have many raised flesh-colored bumps and pimples coming to t
  13. Hey has anyone used ZIANA before? I think it looks cool because it combines Clindamycin and Retin-A and that's a combination I've never seen used before. Also instead of 1% clinda it has 1.2 %. http://www.ziana.com/