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  1. if you're on antibiotics, the cyst should go away on it's own. i've learned a valuable lesson about allowing cysts to go down on their own. i could feel two on my forehead, that i thought would become huge cysts, but just by simply washing it with a gentle soap (GENTLY, no excessive pressure or touching), they went away without a trace of their existence.
  2. those red marks will fade completely with time, i wouldn't worry about them so much. it's the actual physical scarring that people tend to worry about the most. imo, it's not about the actual acne on the face that most people worry about, but the possibility of severe/noticeable scarring. that's how i feel, i don't have much acne, and i have two or three scars that are noticeable only to me, but because i don't know when i will grow out of this acne, i have no idea how much more vulnerable
  3. Eggs are not dairy. They just lump them together into a food category called 'Eggs AND Dairy' because they don't fit in the other categories either. And dairy doesn't just come from a cow, but cow dairy is by far the most common in the U.S. and people can be allergic to cow dairy, and not goat for example. well the theory is, any sort of "milk" from an animal is going to have sex hormones, growth hormones, etc. in it i too have strayed far from dairy, although on some occasions i've
  4. yeah, i moisturize twice after i wash my face, morning and night. although i generally try to keep them 12 hours apart, because i don't want to wake up too early and wash my face too soon. i also use an acne soap only once a day, i found that using it twice a day was too harsh for my skin, even after moisturizing. moisturizing indicates to my skin that there is no need to produce excessive oil when it is dry. that is the worst combination, having extremely dry skin, and then extremely oily
  5. i pull them out with tweezers, but only if they're really big and won't come out with regular soaps/cleansers and exfoliating. these are annoying, because when i'm washing my face, i can feel the texture, and it feels so irregular. i just want to have a smooth face.
  6. my best advice is to begin your fight against acne NOW. get the best information you can, your skin is basically clear now, you want to keep it from getting any more severe than it is right now (it's absolutely now, imo) i don't think it's necessary now, but if you want, you can visit your derm. i didn't ever really find anything that worked for me until i went to a derm for the first time, just makes me wish i would've went sooner (not like my face is f'ed up now or anything, it just would
  7. hmm, i've never thought about the steam technique before, i'm just afraid to extract because when i try and it doesn't work, it ends up becoming a whitehead. and i'm also afraid to sweat, because i'm afraid my pores will clog and i'll be left with a really bad breakout.
  8. it doesn't really look too bad unless under specific lighting, then the only problem is that i look like a part of my cheek is rolling. i'd say it's about the length of the tip of your pointer to the end of the first notch. so it's really not that long. also, it was really red and infected before doxy, and now that the infection is gone, the redness seems to be going away incredibly fast. didn't really scar either, i'm surprised because it drained in at least 3 different areas when i least e
  9. those suck, i had a big one behind my ear. i got so big, people started noticing it and asking me what it was. well, needless to say, one night it was very itchy. and there was a lot of dry skin on it, so i took off a layer of dry skin, and the next thing you know, it's gushing this clearish fluid. i knew i shouldn't have, but i figured since it was open, i should just squeeze it all out, because it's no good to keep all of that in there. i'm on doxy anyways, so i figured this would help to
  10. oh man, if i could eliminate all reflective surfaces in my house, i would. i think if i didn't look in the mirror so often, i wouldn't notice the blemishes on my face. i would continue to care for my face the way i normally do, i just wouldn't feel so tempted to pick at anything, or depressed because of the way things look.
  11. i've stayed in many times, but only when the thing i'm missing out on is something i don't care much for. i stay in hoping that an extra day or two at home, away from the sun, junk food, stress, and with my medication/treatments, and a lot of sleep, will make a significant improvement. the more time that i can keep people from seeing my acne, and allowing it to heal at home, the happier i'll be when i look better. and there are times where i really do look a lot better.
  12. I had a husband for 10 years and he never noticed such things. But then, I think men just see some fuzzy shape with T & A and big hair. I'm afraid women notice more details, but if your girl is worth keeping, she won't mind.
  13. i've found that keeping my legs apart wider and my arms far from my sides helps me to sleep on my back. it helps that i have a queen sized bed all to myself, and that it's very comfortable. everyone's right, i find that bigger pillows cause me to roll over for some reason, i haven't slept on my side for months now, it's quite easy to fall asleep on your back if you train your body to do it. perhaps the best thing to do is sleep without a pillow first, then incorporate a thin pillow.
  14. i don't know if this is the right section, forgive me if it isn't. i'm 17, and i began puberty when i was about 12 years old. i've had acne since, i was 12, but it was the most minimal acne you can think of (one tiny little flesh colored bump a month or so, oh how i wish i still only had this kind of acne, i was able to manage it with simple stridex pads.) anyways, the acne only started to get serious and flare up when i was 14-15 years old. now i'm 17, and i just went through the worst brea
  15. oh, ok. i've also been constipated when i had REALLY bad acne, the worst i've ever had up to this point in my life. i found that i wouldn't have a bowel movement until like, once or twice a week. i didn't notice it before, but now i've been more conscious about allowing myself to go to the restroom when the need arises. i've also got a problem with public restrooms, i'm just so afraid to sit down, it's a problem i need to work on.