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  1. Have you thought about doind a test spot? I was recommended Rd needling too for my textural issues and shallow boxcar, but I'm scarred. I may try a test spot first.
  2. I don't know to be honest, but they never made me break out, I had been using it for almost 2 years.
  3. I use poreprofessional for my pores, it helps a lot, but is expensive, now I use another one called nxy which costs much less. I hope tca cross can help some of my scarred pores.... But I care more about my bigger ice picks, I don't care too much about pores because I can use those products. By the way those are make up.
  4. I also read that some people got good results with genius rf for small and shallow boxcars. Nevermind guys, in a month or two I'll have tca cross done by him, so I'll let you know how everything goes... I hope I can travel to Denmark witouth problems, covid makes things harder.
  5. Hi, I was thinking about visiting this doc, and have tca cross/paint for my numeorous ice pick scars and boxcars. Did anyone have good results with him?
  6. I do, but I find it hard to trust social media pictures.
  7. How big is the toothpick that doc Emil uses for tca cross? I saw some videos and the toothpick seems too big/thick for treating some ice pick scars that are tiny... I'm not too knoledgable but I think a smaller toothpick would be better.
  8. Hi, anyone got tca cross + genious laser with doc Emil, how was your experience and did you got improvements ?
  9. Hi, I have lots of ice pick scars, 3 of them on my left cheek are quite deep and wide, and on my right cheeck I have an open pore which I hate a lot. And also I got chicken pox scars on my forehead which are like 18 years old. Right cheeck Left cheeck Forehead 1 Forehead 2 Would punch excision work for my scars? Anyone who has done it can share with me their experiences.
  10. Hi, after so many years I already decided to get my scars treated, I live in Italy, and here I have had some bad experiences with the surgeons that I have met, everything was about expensive lasers treatments for them, doing some research I found that there are other treatments like tca cross, but I didn't find any doctor, surgeon etc who would perform this kind of treatment, looking around on the forum I found dr.Hemil Henningsen, and decided to possibly start some treatments with him, (yes I'm
  11. Which type of dermablend should I use? I tried the liquid one :https://www.dillards.com/brand/Dermablend/beauty-makeup-face which didn't do too much. I never tough about using fake tan, I will tried it out!
  12. Hi again, do you have any advice on makeup for my kind of scars? I have tried dermaflagewich works ok for some of my scars but I don't get the same result everyday, and is quite annoying to spend 20 minutes each day to cover my scars.
  13. Thanks for your answer, I'm already seeking psycological help, things are going well in that regard. How much of an improvement can I expect ?