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  1. I have similar scars maybe a bit narrower than yours. BA suggested me tca cross.
  2. If anyone is interested. I created a Telegram to discuss about possible treatments. Just text me and I'll add you, my Telegram Id is: [removed]
  3. I think there's a bit of marketing. But still there's a lot of improvement I would say at least 60% ? He claims that he can get 90% in some cases with tca wich is a bit hard to believe for me. But still lots of people in this forum have claim that tca cross done right has improved their scars tremeandously. In some of he's videos and Instagram he claims that when a scar has been leveled out enough with tca cross treatments, if he can laser below the scar, the scar would be go
  4. Thanks for sharing your journey and pictures, your scars have been reduced by a lot.
  5. What about the tiny pores? Did they get wider too?
  6. In my case I know they are scarred because they were normal before and became like that after picking and also have a dark coloration.
  7. If your pores are large by genetic, there's not too much you can do, but if they are scarred pores or enlarged from picking, you could probably get improvement. I was researching and found this image from a study where they did tca cross with a syringe for the pores, the results look very good, the pores looks almost as new...
  8. There are some, but not too many well documented tca Cross threads. Some of them are quite old, you can also find some threads on reddit.
  9. Have you thought about doind a test spot? I was recommended Rd needling too for my textural issues and shallow boxcar, but I'm scarred. I may try a test spot first.
  10. I don't know to be honest, but they never made me break out, I had been using it for almost 2 years.
  11. I use poreprofessional for my pores, it helps a lot, but is expensive, now I use another one called nxy which costs much less. I hope tca cross can help some of my scarred pores.... But I care more about my bigger ice picks, I don't care too much about pores because I can use those products. By the way those are make up.
  12. I also read that some people got good results with genius rf for small and shallow boxcars. Nevermind guys, in a month or two I'll have tca cross done by him, so I'll let you know how everything goes... I hope I can travel to Denmark witouth problems, covid makes things harder.
  13. Hi, I was thinking about visiting this doc, and have tca cross/paint for my numeorous ice pick scars and boxcars. Did anyone have good results with him?