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  1. no active acne...but i was left with red marks and some scaring from the initial outbreak...will these maybe heal a few months after i am off the accutane?
  2. skin looking awesome after 3 monts...if i load up on spf 50 sunscreen could i get tan without my skin getting burned off?
  3. 1) Age, Accutane dose, and how long youve been on it 18/m 40mg twice a day, 11 weeks (78 days) 2) Cleanser Cetaphil soap bar 3) Moisturizer Cetaphil lotion - spf 15 4) spot treatment? none 5) redmark treatment? none 6) are you still breaking out? 10th week i still was, now my break out areas are becoming completely non active and clearing 7) products to avoid that broke you out. dont use topicals 8) comments/suggestions, how its been so far, progress/lackthereof, etc. horrible untill the 10th a
  4. now officially 78 days on accutane. About 11 weeks. This last week i have started to finally clear tremendously! It is honestly a mircale. Face is smooth just a lot of lite red marks. Its amazing how 3 weeks ago i still had it bad, and now i am on my way...for all you out there, keep hope because it will work...be patient, it takes time.
  5. its okay...i am on day 60 and still breaking out...just keep telling yourself that it WILL work...you are expieriecning the side effects so that means it is working. hope everything goes well
  6. anybody????? sorri for being annoying Your not annoying we all have tons of questions haha...well most likely you will have an initial breakout on accutane, i have been using the cetaphil soap bar as well as the cetaphil moisturizer (wich really helps)...cetaphil could cause breakouts if you use it more than twice a day...since accutane makes the skin very sensitive you wanna make sure not to over do it with washing. Just message me if you have anymore questions!
  7. well its been 60 long days on accutane...face hasnt really cleared up at all....more random pimples everywhere...still breaking out along the sides of my forhead and even my back which has never really happened. everyone says just another month just another month...starting to lose hope... some people say your 3rd month is the miracle month...god i hope so...help me out please...if you know anything please help me out with something that may give me some hope!
  8. It has been 7 weeks of dryness and breakouts, this morning i had 3 new whiteheads and a couple big pimples. I am just waiting for the day that it will at least just STOP getting worse. If you have had the same problem please let me know! And around when did it stop getting worse?
  9. does anyone like to go in the chat section under community and talk about their accutane issues? message me if you would like to!
  10. seems as if whenever i have a pimple after i pop it, it tends to bleed, then there is a scab, nothing huge just little ones here and there. this common? oh and i am also breaking out on my chest which has pretty much never happened untill now...help please!
  11. my friends and i are going up to mammoth feb. 29th...by then i will be 65 days into my accutane treatment. My friends will be drinking friday and saturday night. Should i not drink at all because of the accutane?