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  1. Is there something that is reccomended to prevent the 2-3 week long of developing deep cystic acne when you accidentaly eat some or run into an issue where you had to? Holidays have been the worst since discovering this and trying to handle it I read somewhere milk thistle liver capsules have helped and want to try but was wondering if anyone has any expierence with that or anything else this is so aggrevating please help
  2. I personally like the neutrogena fragrance free soap bar just a regular bar of soap it seems to leave the skin feeling clean but it doesn't have all of the chemicals and stuff in it , only like $1.80 or so. Everytime I try to use some of the dedicated washes and things it usually turns out for the worst. its good to use a wash clothe with as well or if you dont atleast rub your hands in your face hard enough to get it worked in
  3. wow... sounds very simliar to my last experience that resulted me into meats/vegetables diet. I had the munchies and binged on 3 big mexican tacos and mexican chips. I quickly developed a cyst that I had the previous year to the right of my bellow button which is still there.. but i also had terrible pain in abdomen, weakness, bloated, diarrhea, constipation and more the full next week. I never heard of toxic shock but it makes sense if you leave something alone for a long time and then go h
  4. Thanks for the quick response. I also found on this diet eliminating sugar/grains its very hard to get daily calories to maintain or gain weight. I'm now a 6'1 male at 155 and definitely dont want to lose any more any advice on how to work this diet doing 10-20% meat and still keep weight? The veggies barely have any calories at all so does that mean it needs to be a whollllleeeee lot of extra vegetables to get balance out the 10-20% meat calories? Or is there better ways
  5. 1) stress was/is pretty high working in customer service and still doing multitasking at that with other ventures but I have been trying to stay stress free and not let it get to me lately. 2) I was eating about 60% meat/ 40% vegetables trying to stick with the diet but after looking further on the diet and other sources im now making sure its about 60% vegetables/40% meat
  6. White Fox can you answer question if knowledagable about saliva/urine ph. After incorporating this diet going on a week mostly meat and vegetables. My urine ph has been very acidic (4.5) looking online says that is dangerous and breeds disease. What would be the best reccomendation to stick with this diet and still be healthy acidiosis wise?
  7. Ive been following this diet for the past week after having a terrible digestive problems from overeating on mexican /mexican chips I was moments away from going to dr but dropped all sugar/fruits and have been eating meat/vegetables, probiotic yogurt but am having trouble keepng weight on now its funny because it used to be the reverse. Any reccomendations for food or meals to get amount of calories needed. also I have been ph testing and am very acidic any reccomendations on staying alkaline
  8. guess its just wishful thinking that would be great if it did I get ones popping up and just put the suction on it and slurp it on out and let it heal up... perfect world perfect world lol
  9. it says actually the oppposite about non scarring and it removes all of the bacteria and the core looking for some more opinions im thinkign of ordering this ... it would be wonderful for cystic acne with all of the juice if it could just suck ti out and then heal up
  10. Has anyone ever heard of this? I came across it through youtube and the idea seems like it could really work well seeing as it removes the bacteria and the core of the acne. I am planning on trying it and will let you know what I think. Im just wondering if anyone else has tried it, it dont seem like a national known product as of now http://www.acne-pimples-suction-yourself.com/
  11. smh am I the only one it pisses off when family take it as a joke and taunt about everything with dairy and make sure to talk about it i cant wait to be on my own where I can do my own thing and get my own groceries smh the only thing im fixin to eat for thanksgiving is gonna be turkey it seems like they try to trick it in too has some cream of chicken esparogus trying to say it dont contain cheese or butter and getting cookies and taking them out the packaging where i cant see the ingrien
  12. I am 1000% sure dairy is the cause of my breakouts as I have proven time and time again ... You'd be surpised what all dairy is in also of things you wouldnt believe. Im sure others that go through being dairy free know how hard it is to not be normal when friends go get some pizza or this and that.... it really is messed up but i rather be like that then eating it and breaking out Recently I slipped up and ate alot of doublestuff oreos even after reading the label where it did not list any dai
  13. I had cut dairy out for over a year.. with exceptions here and there...finally i got brave at the end of october and didnt think twice about dairy... it actually seemed like it cleared me up really well for some reason by ingesting the dairy this time lol why i dont know but i just kept at it and now dec 18 i have cystic acne poppin up again like i did before.. the only thing i've done different is masterbate a little more than normal and put dairy back in my life...... so im feeling like its
  14. when you say puss filled if you mean like clear liquid I know what you're talking about... i get them bad when i start eating dairy the best thing to do would be probally ice it down and leave it alone... but at the same time Im the type to try to squueze all the clear liquid out.. not sayin thats a good thing but i think it go's down quicker
  15. i can eat fat foods and sugar all day long... but when i start eating cheese, milk, and shit like that.. BAM!
  16. Regardless of what anyone says... I find dairy a big factor in the nasty nodule and cyst breakouts... I don't understand why and I loveeeee dairy but fuck it, you know. I went like 3-4 months without dairy and i would still get little zits here and there but not the big red spots ... now i got brave and was started incorporating dairy again and it slowly broke back out terribly...
  17. Are very very cheap and this is my 2nd bottle that has messed up before it was even half way gone resulting in having to unscrew it and use it like that... the push part will jam and the top plastic piece is quick to mess up and fall off for $20 bucks you should be working on a better product to carry it in other than that the product has treated me good
  18. By the time i first started using my 2nd bottle of the treatment my skin was finally looking like it was going to clear up... But... during the process I also think it's about learning and realizing what the problems are.. I was reeallll nervous to post this cause I didnt want to jinx it but during the process I did the treatment twice a day and little spots randomly throughout the day... about 4-5 weeks in it was clearing up major acne but I was still getting cystic acne that would pop out