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  1. Any reviews on these products? http://www.zirh.com/products.aspx?c=15 they seem pretty interesting
  2. o i see, i didnt know there were different kinds of steroids. Alright ima make the appointment with my derm asap then. Thanks for all the kind advice.
  3. it leaves behind a blackhead though =[
  4. WHenever i squeeze a pimple(sometimes before i go out), it leaves a red mark. Are there any topical products out there that i can apply to cover it up? or make it go away?
  5. How come i havent heard anyone commenting about oxy pads yet? Is it because they dont work at all?
  6. Oo so its not those anabolic steroids ? Cuz i lift a lot and i dont wanna wake up the next morning looking like arnold schwazeneger! whats prednisone used for then? Is it mainly used to control teh swelling of cyst when one undeegoes accutane treatment?
  7. im an athlete lol , so i dont thin i should take those huh?
  8. Since most of you said that u get a breakout after 3 weeks, i began worrying. My derm said i should go on accutane, but i ono if i should. My acne isnt that serious, but i do have some mild scarring an a couple blackheads. ANd i'd have a breakout sporadically. I'm currently taking these 2 pills + BP Gel. The pills are herbal medicines. One is for detoxification and another is for healthier skin. Heres my problem, i want to go on accutane to get acne over with once and for all, but then junior
  9. hi guys im new to this forum and i was just wondering if u can help me with this. I don't know if it's a scar but i have some dark spots underneath my skin that i cant get rid of. i dont know what its called so i dont know what to do. if any1 has any information on it please help me. Also im wondering if applying the gel can help with it. Thx