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  1. Thank you so much @beautifulambition!! I would research on what you've suggested and contact a doctor soon. I am very pleased with your response. Thank you again!!
  2. hi beautifulambition, im a year late for this discussion but I will still hope for a reply :(( giveback's scars and mine are almost similar. Aside from what-i-think-are-icepick-acne-scars, I also have bumps on my nose, and i think these too, are acne scars brought by my severe acne breakcouts and picking :(( I would like to upload a clear photo of my nose but unfortunately I couldn't. However i'll attach a photo here showing some of my bumps on the left side of my nose (note: the photo is of low
  3. hello give back i know na parehas tayong pinoy may mga nabasa ako sa mga post mo parehas tayo ng problema mas malala pa nga yung saken sa tingin ko i hope makahanap ka ng paraan para magamot mo yung scars mo sa nose pwede tayo mag usap sa facebook para makapagtulungan tayong dalawa add mo lng ako (carl ryan) Omg i have ice pick scars on my nose too. ALL OVER MY NOSE. I have ice pick scars and a few bumps (which i think may be acne scars too; i think these bumps are caused by severe ac