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  1. Hi ! @beautifulambition god bless you! I can’t believe you do this for free, you’re helping me so much. Going to follow your advice to the core. One last question , I’m really sorry for asking too many, but your replies are practically the highlight of my days now :)) will a ketogenic diet affect healing of scars and collagen induction? I am due to start the diet from June , and I’ve read of its anti inflammatory effects. Thank you, please do let me know! My next re
  2. Hi ! @beautifulambition Hope you’re doing well i spoke to my doc, and have convinced him ) that your treatment plan is the one we’re going to follow ! Thank you so much for that! my docs apparently done a lot of research on combining subcision with co2 laser , and he’s promised good results. I don’t think its about the money, hes a family friend. ( I’ve done 2 sessions of 3mm microneedling RF already) i told him that you recommended manual methods first , so he asked me to tak
  3. Thank you! I will follow up on this , and then update you ☺️
  4. @beautifulambition Okay, I will not go forth with the laser! Thank you! Can I continue the microneedling though? ( I purchased a 3 session package since I was getting a good discount! How many sessions of microneedling do you think I would need? I have my second session scheduled for tomorrow, so I will get it done accordingly and will ask for subcision instead of laser) thank you for all your help , you’re a godsend ☺️☺️
  5. Thank you for the earnest reply @beautifulambition! I have already started one Microneedling RF session , and have been prescribed 3 of those plus 3 CO2 laser by my dermat. Can I do the cannula subcision plus TCA after that? Or do these need to be in any specific order? Also What settings should I dermastamp/ use the Fermin stir on at home? Lastly, how much improvement do you think I will be able to see, realistically speaking ☺️☺️ I’m prepared for the long run ☺️ thank y
  6. Hi! I have had acne all my life but have finally found myself a good regimen and have been able to get off it without the use of accutane. There was a period where I picked on my pimples and overwashed, this left pores and scars. I have been recommended 3 Microneedling RF ( Endymed) sessions and 3 fractional CO2 sessions..... but of late I have lost a lot of faith in my dermat since the friend who initially recommended him has seen no results even after a year. Is this regimen right for me? Wha