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  1. Hi everyone, After successfully clearing my skin on the regimen two years ago I was able to reduce the BP to a pea-sized amount and stay clear for a long time. However, I started breaking out again a few months ago and so have upped the BP to the recommended amount. I started the Evra patch just over a month ago and I am unsure whether it is affecting my acne positively, negatively or not at all. I was wondering if anyone has had success on the regimen whilst also on combined birth control
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    Please read this if you are giving up on the regimen!!! This product has honestly changed my life, After battling with cystic acne for 6 years and visiting the doctors around 10+ times regarding my skin issues, I believed this was going to be with me forever. A nine month round of antibiotics cleared my acne extremely well until I finished and the pimples returned, albeit not quite as terrible as before. I had tried Dan’s regimen earlier in 2018 but gave up after experiencing a horrid breakout d