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  1. alright sweet thanks! does the change to the bp give it a different smell?? cuz when i started to put it on it smelt much different
  2. LEMON JUICE!! or oxy body wash or aha they all worked for me
  3. Ok, so im reading all these great things about the UT and im gonna give it a try on my chest. if this works ill move it to my face also! I will try to give an update often. Who here has had this work for them?
  4. tried that theroy too. but i cannot sleep on my back, it was impossible for me. so i just went out and bought more pillow cases. now i have one for every night of the week. and my skin has been clear.
  5. well the multivitiam, does it have idoine in it? thats known to casue breakouts. plus that electric shaver is irratating your skin. use a 2 blade manual shaver
  6. Apply the BP where ever you break out, yes, even on the red marks. You want the bp to prevent there and while they make become a little brigther at least you wont have more zits and the redness will dissaper quicly
  7. OK so i had been using the regimen for a while, and i still had a couple zits so i picked up some zapzyt to use a spot treatmen, and within a couple of days i began applying to areas where i break out. Its now about 3 weeks later and im stilll applying the zapzyt about 10 min after applying dans bp cream. And im wondering is it just the zapzyt that is making me stay clear or is it that dans cream is doing the work. which one should i drop?
  8. I'm not but if you thing you are, try something like smart balance
  9. It all depends on your skin. You may just grow out of the ance stage like most people or contine to have ance will your 50! it all just depends!
  10. That might be a STD, you need to get it looked at, end of story.
  11. try more bp and putting it longer, also try not to touch your face for about an hour after applying the "goods"
  12. peanut butter makes my mom break out like crazy
  13. Trust me. girls will talk to you as long as you make them laugh. its the key. they want entertainment. become friends with many girls. then chose one and focus on her to show her who u r