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  1. So I’m 32. I’ve had acne since I was 15. Anyways....I just want to say that as a 32 year old with some more life experience than I had in my late teens and early twenties.....social media is, in my opinion, making people with less than perfect skin feel down on themselves. We watch these women post with these epically beautiful (and entirely unreal) faces and then compare what we look like to them. I just want to say that this is not their true reality probably 99.9% of the time. Just remem
  2. Its so normal to break out when you first start using BP, even for months into it. Only using BP once a week (I don't know if this was a typo) wont do anything for you....its supposed to be used daily. My acne was much worse than yours and it took me about 6 months to get completely clear. If you stick with it, it will work. Give it more than 2 months. That's not enough time for the severity of your acne.
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    I use this mixed with my moisturizer, as an exfoliant and face mask for extra hydration. Doesn't break me out and seriously soothes my dry skin from BP use. I have used 25 drops of this in my nighttime moisturizer and it hasn't had adverse effects. I use it to gently exfoliate dead skin from my face in the shower. 
  4. TristaBass89

    The Best

    The Best

    I love this lotion. I use it on the regimen in conjunction with the BP and face wash. I find it very hydrating and it does not break me out at all. I have had points of putting it on every couple of hours just from being so dried out from BP and its much more soothing than other lotions I have tried. 
  5. Just an update for anyone that might be interested.... I started using BP again after taking 48 hours off. Its been 48 hours back on and my skin has been a little wonky. I am only using 1 pump BP in the am and 1 pump plus a pea sized amount in the pm. The first round I woke up and my nose was full of tiny red bumps and still is getting worse. I am also having some small acne pop up along my cheeks, a bit under my eyes where I don't put BP. I also have lots of little tiny bumps coming out on
  6. I would never use the regimen unless its to clear acne - its very drying and aggressive and unless you want to clear acne it doesn't make sense to use it. Its made to clear acne, nothing else. Perhaps just try a gentle exfoliant because you face is so sensitive.
  7. Just wondering if anyone on here has had to stop using BP for around 48 hours and what the result of that was (I have a burn so my skin needs to heal a couple days). Also wondering if anyone knows if it’s okay to jump right back into using the full dose after taking this time off. Thanks!
  8. Have you thought about trying the acne.org regimen?
  9. Hi Everyone! I ran into a huge issue this week and wanted to share my experience about it so that just maybe other people (especially new people) can avoid it as well. I have been on the regimen 8 years but started to get acne about 8 months ago at my time of the month and realized I had been slacking on the regimen for YEARS. I guess my hormones made a change again and what I was doing wasn't enough to combat the hormonal acne anymore. I was on this board a long time ago, when I first star
  10. I am really sorry you feel this way. I used to feel this way too, for about two years. I was so obsessed with my acne and the way I looked that it destroyed everything good in my life. All of my relationships suffered because of it. I am happy to talk to you and offer support in any way that I can because I completely get it.
  11. Let me know how it goes for you, I am curious. Hormonal acne sucks!
  12. Hi! Let me start off by saying that I am not an advocate for birth control because it is unhealthy for the female body. I have battled birth control since I was 21, as in that was when I got off birth control for the first time. It took me about three months and then BAM, I had severe acne. I went from beautiful clear skin to getting sometimes fifteen new pimples per day. It was hell. I didn't get back on birth control because I felt like it made me a little crazy and I knew that I wo
  13. I would say that yes you should start over. Your skin is going to have the same reaction again. The regimen is a painful process, until your skin adjusts to it. It took me 6-7 months to become acne free (severe) and it was painful the entire time. Your face becomes dry, irritated and peeling. The BP is bringing out your pimples, that's normal. You have to stick with it exactly as Dan says, especially when first starting out. Getting off the regimen for a week will surely be a setback in your acn
  14. I was using too much AHA, as in a full pump nightly, and my skin just couldn't handle it. It was making me worse. I stopped doing that and use it about 3 times per week and as a spot treatment.
  15. It’s normal to be dry and scaly on the regimen for months. It’s the BP. It will get better in time. Use jojoba oil.