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  1. I cannot consume dairy and when I found out I started on soy milk and other alternative milks later on. For me, soy was the cause of my cystic acne for about 9 years until I figured it out. No doctor, derm, allergy specialist or chinese medicine practitioner could put a link to it. My blood test results were coming back normal except for one figure but my doctor said that result was normal range for someone that would be on the pill, to which I responded with "but I'm not on the pill" an
  2. izabela

    My Diet

    I just wanted to mention that my diet still consists of mainly whole-grains, fruits and vegetables. I like to cook from scratch and rarely eat processed food or frozen meals. I do eat meat and fish again but without really thinking about it, I tend to gravitate to vegan foods. I just like them better. I only drink water, no juice or soft drink or coffee.. sometimes tea with no caffeine. I try to avoid sugar whenever I can and no wheat or yeast.. Just in case anyone was inte
  3. Okay, I'm pretty bad at keeping a blog. What caused my cystic acne? Well lets see... about 10 years ago I went to an allergy specialist and he said 'No dairy for you' okay.. not so bad.. I'll just drink soy... then I added rice milk, then almond and oat.. Became vegetarian, later became vegan. Eating tofu and drinking soy coz you know, you should have protein. Soy has been the cause of the large cystic acne all around my face, but mainly on my forehead and even, inside my ears.
  4. izabela

    Fish Oil

    My fish oil is: Ethical Nutrients: Hi-Strength Liquid Fish Oil 5ml contains: EPA 1900mg DHA 279mg I take 5-10ml. I'm considering taking 5ml twice a day instead of 10ml once.
  5. I guess I would describe myself as having a mild case of severe acne. I first started getting cystic acne about 8 years ago. Before that, I never had acne. I probably had about 10 pimples throughout my entire teen years. Then one day it just started and hasn't left me since. I say its mild because I had definitely seen worse. For example at the moment I would say I have about 6 on my face right now. But these 6 are like little hard balls deep under my skin that will no doubt hang around f
  6. Although I have just started posting, I have been a long time lurker. I was hoping that perhaps we could make a thread about the best combinations of supplements to be taken together or separately and what times of day are best or before, after or during meals or on an empty stomach. I don't really want a debate of dose levels, just what goes with what and when and where in the one spot. I just find that for me every time I think about trying to add something new, I end up having to read and
  7. I think you have every right to feel unhappy and upset about it. There is nothing worse then getting treated by someone you don't like or someone that is making you feel like you're being pushed into doing something you don't want to do (especially when you're the one paying a lot of money for it). You could try to see if you can cancel the whole thing and get a second opinion. I don't know if that possible for you. Or if have to now pay for it, you can try this treatment and maybe it will wo
  8. I joined in on the fish oil two days ago. I'm in Australia and most of the brands mentioned here aren't around. I'm taking Ethical Nutrients Hi-Strength Liquid Fish Oil. Each 5 mL (by measuring cap) contains: Concentrated Omega-3 triglycerides - fish 4600 mg Equiv. Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) 1900 mg Equiv. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 927 mg I have had mild to moderate cystic acne for the last 7 years. The Omega 3/6 balance of my diet can range from 6:1 to 15:1 depending on what I eat.