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  1. Dude why don't you go to a doctor and ask a doctor ?
  2. Hey @beautifulambition , I swear I am not connected with those people. The company i work for makes semiconductor chips , If you think that post was a promotion , go ahead delet it , I won't feel bad or anything. You are the most knowledged person. Even one interesting thing i wrote a comment to Dr. Lim to investigate about product , he said he will look into it. Remember that movie dallas buyers club :-) , when mattew was selling people effective drug and doctors were not ??
  3. Hi athina , i have actual scaring with box car scar and ice pick scars , i do have some PiH also , i had posted my pic in one of my post. Improvements are subtle , but skin overall looks good, i will post a before/after at 6 month boundary , currently at 5 week , only treatment i would do other than this will be subscision probably .
  4. Hey guys I just want to update that I am using this product called niacid by slurp and I am having good results . It's been almost 1 month , i will say it gave me improvements ,not that like everything is gone , but I can see things improving , i am at half bottle , so may be entire bottle will go 2 months , i will update you guys 6 month results , with before and after pic. And ya this is not paid or anything , if you have doubt you can ask me and I will try to answer in my capacity ,
  5. Sure thanks for updating , so how long I should wait to see any changes ??
  6. I read through that , looks good , which specific brand you use ?? And what is the dosage ?? Does it work on hairs ?? Like less thining Or reversing greying ?
  7. Hey I received this product , it's been one week I am applying , product is nice , doesn't irritate the skin , it smooths the skin , I will keep you posted.
  8. Lol for me the only guy concerned about my scar is my self , in my day to day life no body mention about my scars . Even at some point I have asked others to rate my scars , and they were just laughing . Lately I started socialising more , and I almost forgot about my scars.
  9. Guys c'mon where do you all stay ???let's plan vacation or something to a common location . I know this won't fix anything for anyone , but may be few days of enjoyment without prejudgment . Even though we have scars , what we will remember at 60 ??
  10. Got it. Well I have ordered one bottle so let see. Will update I have not given hope on BA suggested plan , I am following it. But it is 3 month apart treatments. So I was just wondering if something non-invasive can give similar improvements , it's cool. I mean scars are one thing and needling and sub is another pain . But as you guys have now cleared out , no high hopes with product . But let's see. Otherwise buissness as usual sub, lasers , needling . Thank you guys
  11. BA but what about reviews ??? Are they all fake ?? Some of them posted before and after also though not Same lighting , angle. Why anyone would lie after spending 50 dollars ??
  12. I also have that feeling in heart , but then how come people giving good reviews ??? And they are not paid reviews either . You can find number of good reviews on facebook
  13. Owww you broke my heart BA , 1. I asked them about that video in Facebook comments and they said it was authentic video no Photoshop no makeup , they might be lying . It is not possible that some crazy team in Korea come up with something innovative ?? Because this guys have only one product in basket and they are working on some another product for anti aging . 2. Also few people gave very good reviews in Facebook comments , if you have time in your busy schedule can you
  14. Hey friends I have created this new thread for Niacid , let's update there , I think we are polluting this thread too much :