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  1. this is 100 % correct , please don't apply tretinoin to fresh scars
  2. Looks really good . What TCA percentage was used ?? Looks really Great. I also just had infini RF done 2 weeks before , and it looks better !!! All the best for fast healing ❤️
  3. Hey Sirius , I called one doctor in my home town , they provide infini RF for 100 $ a session . Subscion is 100 $ And filler is 200 $. No success for TCA cross . Even TCA is not available online here in India max one is 35% But phenolic acid is availible online. I think it's widely popular snack replant. I have following questions : 1.Why no body try phenol cross even with lower percentage ? 2. What is best way to treat edges of scar ?? Co2 laser at angl
  4. I read TCA cross paper , but never knew lutronic was korean , damn korea is so so advance. One of my friend visits korea every 3 month for his compnay trips , it seems time to change the compnay.
  5. Hi, I fully agree that this is not advisable to do home. There is study that says that carbolic acid/phenol have lower chances of scar widening . Link to study : < https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26849087/ > Dr rullan's video on this : < =================================================================================================================================== i have seen so many users here doing TCA by them self. Also there are mu
  6. Did you have this in India ? Can you tell your doctor's name ?
  7. this photos provide clear view , how do you feel about your excision ? and what is your ethinicity ?
  8. There is one indian research paper which shows excellent improvement with 50% TCA cross only < http://www.idoj.in/article.asp?issn=2229-5178;year=2014;volume=5;issue=1;spage=95;epage=97;aulast=Kaur > What's your input on that ?
  9. No don't do those ginger mask stuff , it can burn your skin, don't do lemon and all also. for pigmentation -> do glyoclic acid peel monthly , apply creams with arbuitine , and kojic acid ( test spot on behind the ear first ) start with very small amount , build up later . you can also do dermaroll/ dermastamp / dermapen lenth 1.0 mm monthly. And yes -> apply sunscreen , 2 times a day. Hope this helps.
  10. Yes subscision will help you too specifically for some depressed scars , but most of your scars are boxcar and ice pick with defined edges , TCA cross should be and must be your primary treatment . If you see instagram of dr davin lim , there was one patient with excatly similar scaring as you. TCA cross + low density CO2 -> see dr davin lim latest post