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  1. Yeah buddy you are waaaay off. A gentle cleanser is something like dans cleanser or purpose or something like that. NOT soap. Acne cream is benzoil peroxide. When it says cleanse the second time delna tells you what to do with baking soda, acv etc... Take the time to read trough the first couple pages to really understand the regiment before trying it. Questions like these are somewhat redundant throughout the 70 whatever pages. Oh and you are most likely not going to see results in a week.
  2. acv is best but ive heard others work. On a seperate note after getting close to two months, my redmarks have not really faded at all. I also added vita k and that does not seem to be working either. I am going to try clinique even better. Has anyone seen results from clinique?
  3. lili do you think i should try clinique? Would you recomend it for people that delna's regiment is not workoing for?
  4. 1 wash face with gentle cleanser 2 bfore drying use baking soda to exefoliate rinse off immediately and then dry face 3 put on acv leave for 10 min then wash with water and dry 4 wait a minute or two and apply acne cream wait 10 min 5 apply moisturizer good luck with the regiment.... IT TAKES A LONG ASS TIME
  5. Bump for results. I am thinking about buying this. Even though im a guy lolol. I am going to get someone else to buy it 4 me though i dont want to go to a makeup store. But i would like to see if anyone else is having good reults. I am currently using delna's regiment, but i am not seeing any reults after colse to 2 months. After seeing lili's posts i am going out on a limb with this.
  6. I think they do. However if they are excessively exposed to the sun or other harmful things i think they can become permanent. Without any help though, redmarks will probably take YEARS to fade. I personaly dont wanna wait that long. lolol
  7. Well.... I have been spending almost 2 hours per day doing this regimen. Still to no avail. Its been like a month but nothing is happening. My skin is soft, but redmarks are the same. I may even be getting a new pimple...damn... I really don't know what else to try because everything ive done so far has not worked, so ill stay with this for a while. Hopefully in time i will see the results im lookin for. Hell 2 hours a day deserves it.
  8. The only thing i havnt done is add the lemon to the egg mask, will this make or break me? As of 21 days, im not really seeing any real results. I am very discouraged. Nothing seems to work for me. I will stick with it for at least another week or two.
  9. bump How long does it take to see some good results? I have been doing this perfectly for 15 days and I have not really noticed much if any difference.