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  1. Somebody please help me. I went from a somewhat clear chin to this overnight. I didn’t do anything new or sudden that I think could’ve triggered it. It feels like I have two large cysts (top and side) and the entire area surrounding them is extremely red and my entire chin hurts to the point where I can’t even eat properly. Should I just leave it alone because even putting on creams and washing them off hurts! Please help me why is the entire area so red and inflamed I don’t know what to do I’ve
  2. @Aussie Scientist thank you again for your detailed response. I finally feel like I have something to go on! I’m actually from Singapore, so the tropical and humid weather coupled with my oily skin gives me more reason to believe that it may be fungal after all! If in the case that it turns out to be acne anyway instead of fungal, will the creams make my condition worse? I’ll look into buying the creams ASAP!
  3. Hi @Aussie Scientist thank you so much for your response. I've only taken doxycycline for a month in January then stopped and haven't taken any meds since. Apart from that I only sometimes have flaking skin and my face in general is very red as it's sensitive, like I get redness on my nose everyday for no reason, sometimes even if I just gently touch it
  4. So last year I suddenly broke out horribly after about 2.5 years of being relatively clear, and it has persisted until now despite me trying everything. The thing is, my forehead and cheeks are pretty much completely clear!!! Except for two under the skin pimples I got on my left cheek in Jan that are still there but they don’t bother me as much because my cheeks are smooth and have never really broken out. However, I have acne between my eyebrows plus on and around my nose. The WORST ones thoug
  5. 3 days ago I got a rather large red pimple on my nose which came to a head quickly after I put bp on it overnight. Yesterday the whitehead on top came off on its own while I was washing my face but the entire area was red and is still very much so!! I was expecting it to be a lot less red and obvious as it seemed like it was healing quite fast unlike my usual painful underground cystic pimples, which take months to heal! It also didn’t have pus or blood so I know it was probably ready to pop any