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  1. Will it be healed by itself sometime in the future? If yes, how long it will take to heal? Currently, i am living in germany, so its very difficult to find an experienced dermatologist. Any advice on finding the right dermatologist for me, because i have meet already some, but they don't provide any treatments for those scars. They always say microdermabrasion is enough. Thanks a ton!!
  2. I am struggling with raised acne scars (hypertrophic I guess). I tried multiple times micro needling and microdermabrasion, but I don't see any difference on those scars. I attached pictures of my skin. Now I want to know the right treatments for my skin and i need a recommendation on some creams/moisturizer as well. One Doubt: Currently, I am using salicylic acid to peel my skin, which shows my scars even worse as well as very dry skin, after two days it comes to normal. I