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  1. So when did you start seeing those results after your phenol peel, doyou recall 6 months? Let’s also see you patient notes for phenol chemobrasion Also what is your skin care regimen and any tablets you take
  2. Are you accounting the risk of hypopigmentation and who is this doctor. Remember weigh out the risk vs benefit. Dermabrasion can’t solve atrophy but what happens is people sand the healthy skin to match the scarred area.
  3. Are the scar back there then ? You know scar revision doesn’t mean 100 percent improvement. For me the most improvement is when I can see my scars gone in 90 percent light setting. I am fine with the rare shadow lighting.
  4. Then it is collagen atrophy loss your best bets are fillers and collagen production.
  5. Fractional by design treats your skin in a dot fashion and hoping you skin heals correctly. But the reality is your body could fail to heal it correctly depends from person to person. So if you don’t heal those dots properly you end up with worsened texture. The best scenario for texture is to actually go with full ablation erbium laser with good settings depending on your scarring.
  6. Mostly pigmentation there is acne org glycolic acid you have to use it religiously.
  7. Unless he is a magician the results are not possible to achieve for majority of people. Most people take many sessions. You cannot spend money like this unless if he was doing a patented procedure then only he can do it then it makes sense to spend that money. Here is what is know if you don’t do the right procedure you are not going to see results and the number of sessions. I personally found cannula made my rolling scars worse. Taylor liberator really helped my rolling appearance. Yesterday I
  8. Did your doctor inflate your cheek before doing nokor. Botany with Taylor liberator and cannula doctor will swell up the cheek so that not to hit deeper layers. When the insert the instrument on the side, once inside of skin, they keep it facing upwards and keep breaking the tethers.
  9. Raw material are cheap it is mostly the expertise you are paying for and anasthesia they put you on and the administration cost.
  10. See this post interesting information on how to fix hemotomas
  11. You didn’t had severe scarring why did you do nokor. Cannula was good enough. But anyways did you check with doctor is it blood that is accumulated ? Sometimes doing another Subcison with cannula will break the blood and allow it to move
  12. There are many school of thought one is doing with filler so that the scars are not tethered back after Subcision. The other is waiting a few weeks in which depression are clearly visible. Dr rullan fills the pits first and does the Subcision second. But again it’s fluid it can move so a bit of jumbo science
  13. You only have very few bad acne scars. Try dr rullan phenol plus erbium his new technique.