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  1. You need subcision treatment these are rolling scars, it’s relatively inexpensive to do.
  2. Can anyone share their knowledge on which laser works better in fading punch excision lines post excision. I know a Med spa who is offering laser sessions which is fractional ablative will that work or should we go with fully ablative laser?
  3. Hi seraph no matter what kind of scarring you need to understand first what kind of scarring you have. Believe me I also felt the same that my scars are stubborn but it was always trying the right treatment for the right scar. It will not become perfect like glass skin. But it will become really unnoticeable. So if you can put on some pictures other people can let us know what treatments will work. Again when people do lasers or peels or rf does not work they really need to tell the details
  4. You have very minimal to no scarring. You can probably try spot ablative laser treatment for the minimal scarring you have and see or you can just use fillers
  5. there is a fade bright serum that you can use for hyperpigmentation
  6. Barely bad, you mostly have slight rolling scars on selected areas.
  7. You have boxcar, few ice picks and little rolling scars.You need subcision, rf and cross maybe fillers at the end when the pits have lifted to surface level. all the best
  8. You can look into spot subcision and rf needling
  9. Since you have very shallow scarring you could expect excellent results. But again I can’t guarantee. This what’s known from the type of scarring you have and the improvement. Go in expecting nothing and you will always be happy. All we can in life is to give our best shot, outcome is not in our control.
  10. Lighting always make it look worse than it actually is. You can go for microonedling or rf micro needling looks more like a rolling hence subcision. It doesn’t have a huge atrophy hence it is shallow but I have seen people with subcision get excellent results for these scars and they are permanent. You always can try other modalities but better to go with a proven track record. You just need spot subcision by the way should be cheaper. You don’t need fillers specifically but can give you in
  11. But IMO it’s so shallow that even if you don’t do anything about it it’s fine. But I understand it effects you, so go for it. Btw you are pretty!
  12. yes, I mean normal skin. Spot Subcision should start to give you long term results and fillers would start to give immediate results. Killing two birds with the same stone.
  13. I believe fillers can easily address this and maybe spot subcision. The best way is to know about fillers, is to stretch the skin and see if it flattens or look normal skin. Fillers will solve the issue.
  14. Well it’s not 100 percent science, I had a lump as well after 1st subcision, it took some time and after 2nd subcision it got better, I guess the blood clots in that area either it will take time or another subcision to break it up.
  15. i think you are fine, these lumps will go away with time. If not, these will be corrected when he does the next subcision. Did he use nokor or cannula? I know nokor causes lumps more frequently..