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  1. Thanks beautifulambition! I read lots of your posts which helped me lots. Unfortunatery this cheap shit didn't work at all and I got the refund. I read lots of TCA, got decent brand one and have just done 1st peel I'm very happy about the result but still long journey to have nice skin...
  2. I'm still struggling but I found apple cider vinegar x water made me better. if it's strong, my skin gets dry. Retinoid is not working for me either.. I got Rodan+Fields Refined set (I'm not supporting their business but I was curious.) and my skin didn't get oily! although too expensive to buy the set again. I'm trying to get my skin better from inside. I don't eat junk food tho I found my kidney might has issues. I'll Most people with skin issues have kidney issues, I suggest to take
  3. Hi, I found this website recently and can't stop reading so many fortune topics! I still need lots of reading, but I just wanted to try strong Retinoic Acid. So I got Retinoic Acid 25% from Dermedik. but I am not able to find information with that high concentration. normally up to .05%. Since it was quite cheap and their website says it is a safe product, I am skeptical about the quality tho. (It might be .025% not 25%..) Does anyone have experienced with Retinoic