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  1. Thank you for your sharing the details of your experience with physicians. Did you decide against the Sciton erbium because of the price or another reason? I have been told that the results from this are similar to phenol chemabrasion.
  2. Here is a patent that describes micro coring devices. Is this the patent that you referred to?
  3. Brent21

    Duct Tape

    Apply it, then rub it into the skin for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Brent21

    Duct Tape

    Silicone gel works, but when applying it, you need to rub it in for several minutes.
  5. Brent21


    Thank you. I started to send in a private message, but I thought Renuva might have some public interest value. Hopefully your post will save people from wasting their money on this. I now see all of Dr. E's marketing for Renuva. Shameful if he knows it doesn't work.
  6. Brent21


    I was looking through my notes from a visit I had with a surgeon a while ago. He recommended Renuva for volume restoration as an alternative to Sculptra. I had dismissed it at the time because it seemed too novel, but now, in reading more about it, I'm intrigued. Here is a link for anyone interested in learning about it: Edit: marketing Has anyone had experience with this (or other allograft matrix)?
  7. @beautifulambition LOL. It did sounds somewhat wacky, but I took his comments to mean that the hydro facial would cause untethered artrophic scars to temporarily rise to surface level, and that effect would allow him to differentiate between tethered and untethered scars. He reasons that small scars that elevate to surface level during a hydro facial will not benefit from subcision. I didn't previously mention this, but while we're talking about wackiness, I will tell you that the 1st doct
  8. I finally tracked down two practitioners who will subcise without fillers. Neither seem to be as much of experts in subcision as I’d like, but this may be the closest I’m going to find locally. The first is a cosmetic surgeon. He uses cannula for filler and said that he could use a cannula for subcision with or without filler at my option. He was thorough in answering all questions and open to my suggested treatment plan, but he did not do a close-up exam and that was somewhat conc
  9. @beautifulambition Attempting not to flog a dead horse, I'm trying to make sure I understand fully. From my understanding now, any doctor who injects sculptra/radiesse through a cannula has to subcise in order to inject (provided that subdermal scars exist there). If I've got that right, then the criteria I should be using is whether the injector has a lot of experience using a cannula--not so much whether they do a lot of separate subcision. Did I get it right this time? Unfortunately
  10. @beautifulambition After another month of searching for a local doctor to perform subcision, I found only 2 who will do it, and I am hoping to get a few more of your thoughts about the techniques they say they'll use (I still plan on seeing Dr. Rullan in a few months, but would like to get at least one subcision treatment done locally before I go) . In my case, both of these doctors will only do subcision in conjunction with Sculptra or filler, and they both seem to view subcision as m
  11. Thank you for reading that. My understanding of subcision is that it involves only the scar tissue residing in the fat layer, but not the dermis, leaving the fibrous bands in the dermis intact. Are there any effective treatments where scar tissue in the mid dermis is cut ? I've read about treatments involving intradermal saline injection where saline is injected by needle into scars with the goal of breaking up the scar tissue in the dermis.
  12. There are references in the medical literature to a technique called "intracision", which is similar to subcision but is used in conjunction to break the fibrous bands in the dermis (as opposed to subcutaneous) "by untethering fibrotic strands, raising collagen synthesis, and additional intradermal blood pocket formation." I don't have access to the published articles on the technique so am wondering if anyone can share some knowledge on this. The paper I found referenced con
  13. Hi @screwscars. I'm considering having this done with Dr. Rullen. Would you be so kind as to post another update. How much improved are you from baseline (before chemabrasian)? Was the degree of improvement greater than you obtained from ablative laser? Do you think it would be feasible for an out of town patient to have this done without a caregiver accompanying them? Thanks in advance.
  14. I have been reading about recent research using amniotic fluid to facilitate “scarless” healing, and I am starting the discussion here. It seems that amniotic fluid acts in a similar fashion as PRP but has the potential to be more effective because it creates an environment similar to that of a fetus, where healing occurs without scars. Sterilized amniotic fluid is available commercially, but the prices are extremely high (in the order of $1,000 per ml). Unsterilized fluid seems to be available
  15. Thank you. If I understand correctly, are you recommending to have the subcision/radiesse with the surgeon now and then do Sculptra later? I didn't clarify this in my post, but when I initially asked him for subcision, he said he is not sure whether the scars are tethered and he will determine that while injecting the radiesse and subcise as needed. I have found good Sculptra injectors, but they do not do subcision.