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  1. Thank you. I received the clinical notes from the dermatologist who examined under tangential lighting: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Generally distensible scarring . No apparent “tethering” 2) Atrophic, larger rolling trough scars to left cheek. 3) Fraction of a millimeter, raised scarring. 4) Troughing, right pre-auricular cheek. 5) Small cliff sca
  2. I see what you mean. The doctor tried to explain that laser induced inflammation tends to generally even out skin texture, but that didn't seem correct to me. Are you referring to fractional when you say co2 or erbium,? Today I saw another dermatologist who used Kenalog on the two largest hypertrophic scars and recommended TCA peels for the rest. They also recommend microneedling right after the chemical peel, which seems unusual.
  3. Thank you. I'll keep looking. Several doctors tout the Picosure with the special lens array attachment as effective for scars. Have you had any experience with the lens array?
  4. I saw a cosmetic dermatologist today and asked him about injecting Kenalog into the pebblestone scars. Of the several doctors I've seen in the last couple of weeks, this is the only doctor who fully examined the skin with a magnifying lens and took . He advised against steroid injections because the raised scars are very small and the risk of causing depression outweighs the potential benefit. His treatment advice is Bellafill and Pico laser, which he recommends over Fraxel. I can't imagine P
  5. Thank you, but I was referring to the specific method that Dr. Lim calls "steroid drip" where he apparently drips steroid at the same time that he uses fractional laser and occludes it for 3 hours. There is not much written about this technique, and I am trying to find out a few things: 1) Is the steroid applied to the entire lasered area in the instance of pebblestone scarring, or is it only selectively dripped on the raised scars; and 2) Can a steroid cream be used as alterna
  6. Can you explain more about the "steroid drip" method? Is the drip essentially Kenalog placed topically on the skin and occluded with silicone sheets? If that's how it's done, wouldn't that further depress hypotrophic scars that may be in the same area? Dr. Lim also mentions that it may be effective with microneedling. Without traveling to one of the few experts in acne scar revision, It's so difficult to find a qualified practitioner willing to do these type of pro
  7. Thank you for your help. I'm going to try copper peptide, but don't expect much result.
  8. Does anyone have recent experience using GHK copper peptides in scar remodeling? In reviewing the research on this peptide, it seems that it's almost all conducted by Dr. Loren Pickart, who has a business selling copper peptide products.
  9. I decided on PLLA (Sculptra) injections and had two vials injected today. I certainly have scars, but the swelling/volumizing effect of the PLLA makes them appear much less prominent. I realize this is temporary swelling. and hopefully will be replaced by collagen stimulated by the PLLA over the next several months. Since the physician did not subcise any of the scars, I am wondering whether I can immediately do a semi-invasive treatments like RF microneedling while the PLLA start
  10. In this case, his price for fat transfer is less than 4 vials of Sculptra. With the facility fee and his mandatory anaesthesia it is only slightly more than Sculptura. He claims that fat graft is more predictable than Sculptura, but he didnt have a preference for one over the other.
  11. Thank you, Sibel. Was your surgeon experienced in fat transfer? Did you also try Sculptra? If so, how did that turn out?
  12. I had a consult today with another surgeon (facial plastic surgeon). His diagnosis is that I have mostly volume loss with some textural issues and did not have much tethering of scar tissue.. His recommendation is either 1) 2 sessions of 2 vials of Sculptra each, or 2) microfat grafting. He says that his experience with grafting is approximately 70% retention rate, and that the grafting is more "controllable" than Sculptra. Also, he personally injects Scuptura for his patients. T
  13. The reason I think it is all related to acne is that the problems arose when I was 21-22 when I experienced lots of acne. Also, the areas of atrophy are consistent with the areas that I had acne. None of the doctors I saw said that I had no scars, but they didn't use a special light to see the scars. Many years ago, I had ablative laser treatment and that doctor acknowledged the scarring, albeit he had to look closely before doing so. I'm scheduled for an RF microneedle session ( wi
  14. Thanks for your reply, again. I was referring to normal microneedling. I understand that you only go 1.5-2mm with that, but doesn't it still disturb newly formed collagen if done too soon after a more aggressive procedure? Yes, I plan on seeking other opinions. To tell the truth, this is the third doctor I've seen in the last few years asking for subcision. Each claims to be experienced in the procedure (not sure which type), and each has guided me to fillers, trying to convi
  15. As I've been researching the effectiveness of RF microneedling, I wanted to see the research that practitioners rely on to justify it's supposed great effectiveness. There aren't many peer reviewed research articles published on the subject, but I did find this one comparing treatment of a nonablative fractional laser with RF microneedling, which concludes: Well, that sounds positive, in that the RF microneedling seems as good as a laser. But then I found a newer paper, published in