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where are my laxatives?

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About where are my laxatives?

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  1. hey hows the acting going?

  2. Hi everybody, I am definitely not an active poster but I have been reading your posts almost on a daily basis. It sounds creepy but i assure you that I have saved all the images everyone has ever posted.Just kidding. I have done a lot of thinking, and I have figured that it is time for me to forget about my acne. If I have learned anything from being an actor then it is probably about believing. So, I am going to believe that I dont have acne so I can get on my way out of this black hole. I know
  3. I absolutely agree with you. Life is so funny. Just a few days ago, my acne was clearing up to the point where people were telling me, "your skin is getting so much better." Now, it is back. Im on doxy too. No, dont tell me that I shouldnt take it. I had enough with this game of acne. Even if I get a few months without worrying about my face then that is fine with me.
  4. I dont know guys. My face was really clearing up a few days ago. I was feeling really good. Now it is destroyed again and my face is breaking out again. What is happening? Well, I havent been getting enough sleep and I have been stressed because of midterms. But, shouldnt doxy take care of this? I mean stress would produce more oils but there wouldnt be any bacteria to eat it. what is happening? I am taking a pretty big dose too. Twice 100 m per day. Is this normal?
  5. Trust me, I understand exactly how you feel. Ever since I was in highschool, I never had the self confidence that I want to have but then there was a miracle that happened. Senior year of highschool was the best year of my entire life. We all know too well that life is quite funny. When things started to look pretty great for my life, I broke out like crazy. My entire face is covered with acne now. I am in college now and there is not one day that goes by that I dont think about my face. Mirrors
  6. I just wanted to know if there are severe acne sufferers who are professional actors. How do you do it? Can it still be possible having all those bumps and red spots? I am currently in college studying acting. This is going to sound cocky but I am confident enough that I have the skill to get roles(maybe not the roles I want). However, I feel that no one would cast me if I have acne all over my face thus destroying my confidence. Ever since I got severe acne, I have stopped auditioning. I know t
  7. You are 14 years old. Trust me... you dont know how great life is.... go out and live. It sounds like you got one nasty ass pimple. It will go away. my advise is to stay away from this site. Forget about acne as hard as it sounds like......just get away from this site. This site is a love/hate. You love it because you know other people are suffering from the same problems you are. You hate it because you become obsessed with all kinds treatments and problems with acne. You are 14 years old. I am
  8. Even if they do care, your girlfriend loves you. Just say you went to Africa to study some breed of monkeys, and you got some bug bites. Now go out there and kick some fucking ASSS!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hey. Hey! thanks. well, I tried peels and other products before to remove red spots. I think they made my skin worse so I dont want to try it. The waiting game is what im going to have to pla then. Also, if you dont know where my laxatives are then WHO DOES?!?!??! i really need them. : (
  10. Well, my question is about Doxy. First of all, even though my skin is clearer, I still have a few pimples there and here. My first month is done so I have two more months left. Well, my question is does Doxy help with red marks or should I do something about it? thank you.
  11. Hi everybody... I am on Doxy 100mg 2 times a day. Well, at first, Doxy was kicking ass but now my acne has been coming back. Is this normal? It has been my 2nd week. I am going into my third week. I take doxy with crackers nothing else. Also, I have joined a club sport so I have been working out a lot. I started breaking out after I been working out. But, we're on a break for a few days and still I have been breaking out. So my questions are... Is this normal? I mean to break out while on DOxy.
  12. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone. It is great to know that I am not alone in this fight against acne. Thank you. We can do this!
  13. I'm sure all of you folks have heard this story before but I need to say this for myself. I need to write down my feelings. For the past year, I went from having moderate acne to having severe ance. Let me just say, this has been an emotional rollercoaster. I miss the days where I was confident in my appearance. I miss the days where I never gave a damn about my face because it was not a problem. I didnt even mind moderate acne. Everywhere I go, I think people are looking at my face. When I am
  14. I dont know if this post belongs on this forum. However, I am a Frycook. I work 3 times a week for 3 hours each. My question is what should I do after work. Should I wash my face? apply BP? Will it cause irritation since I am washing my face more than twice a day? My face feels extremely oily after work. What should I do in order to keep a healthy face as a Fry Cook? Thank you
  15. Well, sometimes, I would get these small little bumps all over my face. However, the next morning, they would be gone. What are these little bumps called? They are just bumps on my skin. What can I do to prevent these bumps? Thank you!