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  1. Thankyou everyone for all the info!!! If there is anymore out there, please post it!!
  2. Has anybody ever tried Erythromycin? Its a topical antibiotic that my doc prescribed me...I want to know anybody's stories, successful and unsuccesful...Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the info!! I appreciate anything...but prednisone is some sort of steroid....I finally took the last pill today ! they're gone!!!!
  4. Thanks for all advice!!! DAY 2: I'm not really sure if i'm seeing anything...It's hard to tell. But I do believe there are less zits than before. I use about a fingerful of BP, both in the morning and at nite, so I hope that this works. My face is a little dry, so I think i might drop how much i use a little bit, but not too much. Time will tell!!! I hope it works! Now i just have to figure out the scars
  5. DAY 1: (started with a giant dose of optomism) Well today i started my regimen...or rather last nite. I hope it goes well. I must say its rather spiritualistic to me...just taking care of my face and all. I can't go to sleep with out it. I have yet to see anything...of course it has been less than 24 hours...so I'll give it some time And I have been using BP regularly anyway , so my face isn't too dry...I just upped the amount I used, and started putting it on during the day too. I
  6. Thank you for the info Divakeats...I'm getting an appt with a "Woman doctor", as so delicately put by the pediatrician I saw today. He said we (my sister and I) were the oldest patients he's ever had. I hate military doctors, we were supposed to have an appt with the Dermatologist and we end up at the baby doc. I was so mad...but I have to make an appt with the obgyn. Hopefully they figure out what works. Did you gain any weight with the Ortho? I hope i don't if i get on it...whats the cha
  7. Thank u cuppycake!! I am goin to a derm tomorrow..i only hope it goes well. I've tried Retin-a before, and i figured out topical doesnt really work all that well for me...or at least the retin-a didn't. I hope that they give me something:-D thank u for the encouragement!!!
  8. What sort of a spot was it curiously? Was it actually a zit, or a scar?
  9. I know that the subject is really broad...but i'm sure there will be a broad variety of suggestions. I have acne (I guess thats why i'm here) but i also have a lot of scarring. It really discourages me, and i wear my hair in my face to hide it :oops: I'm open to all success stories, and stories of things that didn't work...I just want to know!!! I really want to get rid of my scarring, and I'll try anything. Thanks!!!!!
  10. Hi...I'm on Prednisone for some unknown rash that i had...and i was wondering if it causes Acne flare ups. Because, I had acne before, but it wasn't this bad, and I was wondering if anyone else has ever been on Prednisone and noticed an acne flareup. Its really depressing me, because my skin is so broken out.
  11. I really hope it works for me...Thank u for the encouragement!!! My acne is really bugging me right now...its like my skin is 95% broken out and 5% clear. Not to mention scarring But i'll try to bear!!
  12. Heres my thing. My mom is a Mary Kay consultant. I didn't think at first that the products would work, but i thought "Why turn down a free treatment?" So i tried it. Within about two to three weeks it worked for me. What i did was get the blemish control toner, the Benzoyl, and the daily protection moisturizer and used those three products combined to fight the problem. I would wash my face with a warm, soft washcloth, use a cotton ball with toner on it, and swab my face. Then, after putt
  13. Well heres how it goes...I am a senior in highschool...and having a recent major breakout on my face. Well, actually it's been flaring for a while. I had really severe acne in sophomore year as well, but it cleared up when i stared a new MARYKAY regimen, although that took about a year for the scars to fade out. And even then, i still never had completely clear skin. I haven't had that since the 8th grade...its been 4 years Well, I am really really depressed about the situation of my skin c