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  1. Is your skin oily? What kind of food do you usually eat?
  2. What is Facial Steaming? Steaming is the process of using the hot mist to open up the pores. By placing the face in the proximity of steam or mist, the pores open up. Is steam good for your skin? Facial steam applications give you multiple skin health and beauty benefits. Regularly applying warm steam to the face is a truly beneficial beauty treatment available to anyone. Here are 10 benefits of steaming your face 1: Cleaning your face Steaming face can keep pores open
  3. About 6ish months ago I started getting bad acne when I hadn't before. I overhauled my skincare routine, went dairy free, tried all kinds of things but the acne just seemed resistant to whatever I did, and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I finally caved and went to a dermatologist when I admitted that whatever I was trying wasn't working. She prescribed the two things mentioned and also recommended toning down my skincare to the basics and using really gentle products. Now I only
  4. You can try steam your face and have a good life habit, don't eat spicy, fried food.
  5. Are you sure that the fruit is causing your acne? I have been eating fruit all the time, listening to suggestions from my friend.