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  1. That's what I do on holidays.. sans the heater cause it's summer lol
  2. smoking lol Only joking. But smoking cigarettes does lower the testosterone level. My acne seem to be hormonal so I'm taking isoflavone supplements and it's working.
  3. I wear foundation(which would be never good for acne per se) and during the day I don't worry about it because I or anyone else can't see my scars.
  4. Never used Dan's products either, but I've experienced that with a few moisturisers. In my opinion, (if it's a regular moisturiser) stinging is never a good sign if it doesn't go away after using the same products for few days. Oh, and benzyol peroxide IS supposed to be stinging when you haven't got used to it. Give it a few weeks and how it goes.
  5. You'll be having plenty of relationship woes in the future besides something regarding your looks. I'm glad and envious that the only problem you have with your boyfriend comes from your stupid(sorry) self-consciousness.
  6. Neutrogena 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment. I use it as an exfoliant/moisturiser. It hardly moisturises my face so I mix it with 2-3 drops of jojoba oil everytime I use it.
  7. The cleansers and moisturisers are great. Wouldn't recommend the toners, though. They'll just make your skin more sensitive and dry in the long run.
  8. use olive oil if you have to or butter's ok too if dairy doensn't break you out.
  9. Politely nod and say thanks I'll try that next time, or you could say you've tried it and never worked.
  10. I think it's one of the possibilities..but if it were true, would you keep yourself from pleasing yourself? The same applies to sex you know and most people cannot live without it.. Why don't you start drink soy milk or something(beans contain lots of what is similar to Estrogen)? That's what I do and I think it kind of works..
  11. Actually, it's a good idea to take Vit B6 with zinc. B6 helps your blood contain more zinc. This stuff looks fantastic. Only if it had some vitamin D3 and..it was available in seoul.. lol
  12. It would help you with blackheads and discolourations(takes a long time tho), but it won't tighten the pores(actually no cosmetics can't do that).
  13. There's a girl working in the cafe on campus where I get coffee everyday, who has moderate acne but she doesn't wear any makeup and doesn't seem self-conscious. I've never talked to her besides ordering coffee, but everytime I face her I secretely wish her skin improves cause I know exactly what she's going through. Whenever I see other acne sufferes here in Korea I actually feel pity for them because most of them are wasting their money and effort on cosmetics or methods which will never work.