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  1. What dosage are you on? And what age are you?
  2. Hi Jessy, I started Riaccutane 4 days before you and it seems to be going ok. I use topical nicotinamide as well though so it's hard to know how much of an effect the roaccutane is having by itself. Anyway, I wanted to say about your lips - using vaseline is ok, but all it does it seal them to prevent further dryness - it does nothing to heal the top layer of your lips at all so it's a temporary measure which doesn't do much at all by itself. You're better off using something like Neutrogena'
  3. Good luck. Can you let us know what age you are, weight and what amount you will be taking? Is it 40mg daily, and does your dermatologist plan to keep you on that dosage throughout?
  4. yeah I'm good, still working in glasgow, even though it's a hell hole. It was just me and the gf that went on holiday so pretty tame really, not really one for going out on the town with a partner. where are you working?

    1. Ah got you. Remember getting back to the hotel at 2 in the afternoon one day. Came out of Carwash, stumbled down to the shop and fell asleep in a chair ouside a cafe. Woke up with 2 old women staring down at me haha. I think I startled them when I opened my eyes. Good times. Might go back to the same hotel in september, really nice place.

      How's things anyway young man?

      1. I didnt go out in ayia napa at all if thats where the carwash is. To be honest the latest I stayed out was about half past midnight for the world cup final, was too tired the rest of the time. Must be getting old! There was some amount of muff walking about napa though

        1. Croo, really? Fucking hell, I was there from 10-24th. Stayed in a place called Micronisos. We probably walked past each other a few times, lol. I spent most of my time in Carwash.

          1. Man, I was in Cyprus from 7th - 14th July, where did you go/are you? I was just outside Ayia Napa.

            1. Jay I miss you xx

              1. Thank you! What type of acne are you prone to? How long have you used this stuff? And do you make it yourself or buy metazine? I've not had untreated skin for close to 8 years so I don't know how bad my acne really is. And I'm not prepared to stop treating it to find out. I've used it for around 8 months now. At first I used it at the same time as BP, but gradually I reduced and eliminated the BP and increased the nicotinamide. I buy a gel called "Nicam Gel" which is also marketed
              2. I'm still using it. I like it on the whole, but it takes a while to rub in (maybe I'm using too much, but I panic when I get a couple of spots, thinking my skin is going to explode). It's not 100% effective for me, and it doesn't seem to lighten my face or reduce the appearance of red marks. It's also quite expensive compared to BP, although isn't as aggravating and it doesn't bleach clothes.
              3. Years ago I switched from Oxy On the spot BP to Dans. I found Dans was harsher on my skin initially, and suffered a breakout, but then calmed down and worked just as well, if not better that the Oxy stuff. It always takes time for your skin to get used to something, even if it's just switching between different brands of BP. For come reason, in the last year, the BP seemed to stop working as effectively for me. I tried doing it by the book, however nothing seemed to work better. I'd always
              4. I didn't get any purging.....however(!).... It is always recommended to give topicals several weeks to show an improvement. You were using BP, which is a pretty harsh chemical, and basically quit it cold turkey. Maybe your skin simply couldn't cope with the change. I weaned myself off BP onto nicotinamide by gradually using less BP and more niacinamide each time. It took me about 3 months in total, but only because I was scared to do it too quickly. When you were using BP, even though it w