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  1. Terrible for dry skin

    I don't normally wear foundation but I splurged on this because my acne and redness has become quite bad recently and I wanted to start wearing foundation to give me a bit more confidence. My skin is quite dry and despite moisturising every morning after I cleanse, but this foundation would literally flake off in patches off my skin throughout the day. I think it also somehow irritated my skin because my chin area is super sore and sensitive now. Do not buy if you have dry skin!
  2. Not good for me

    I would not recommend using this (or probably any scrub) if you have white heads sitting on the surface of your face. I bought this last week to try and scrub off some of the dead flaky skin on my face caused by another acne treatment, but it just caused a lot more white heads than before. 
  3. Best treatment I have tried yet

    Duac has kept my acne under control for about a year now. It has never fully cleared my skin, but I definitely notice it on my skin if I forget to apply in the day before. This is the only treatment I have ever fully used up and I don't find it too harsh on my skin like some other treatments I have found. definitely worth trying out.