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  1. okay so i am on dans regimen and i need to know exactly how this fits into the regimen if i want to add it. when do i do this and how? thanks in advance.
  2. ^This is where i personally lost COMPLETE interest in this thread. I just guess some are just more willing to sacrafice. :lol:
  3. okay, the reason why this may irritate skin is because of the lemon juices. highly acidic
  4. i was on it for six months and it worked really well! however, the acne did come back. not as bad as before, but i am still struggling.
  5. i didnt experience any of those side effects but dryness of course was the main one. keep the lips moist at ALL times as they can bleed from being dry. make sure to moisturize and use a sunscreen! other than that, mood swings are possible for some people and the worst of them all for me was depression. this is a possible side effect.
  6. okay can anyone tell me if this will clog the pores? if not, what are some ingredients that clog pores and i will look at it myself.
  7. i am looking into purchasing the Vivant... could you tell me how that would go into the DKR??? i am using his exact products and steps so far.
  8. how is this product? anyone used it before? it doesnt state wether or not it would clog my pores? any help pleassseeee.
  9. as far as what to eat for protein, fish is the best way to go. it has fish oils which is GREAT for the skin. also you have the omega-3 but that is not enough fish oil. if u want to have more omega-3 i suggest taking a few fish oil tabs a day which contain omega-3
  10. Here is the link to the product... http://www.neotericcosmetics.com/product-d...ls.aspx?iid=171 will this clog up my pores or is this okay to use with the regimen?
  11. I just recieved another e-mail stating the confrimation. So I think it is fixed. Will know in the next couple days. If not i will try that. Thank you! :D
  12. I ordered my dk products online and then I recieved an e-mail stating that the delivery has failed. It has not said anything about money back or when I will get these products. Anyone had any experience with this?