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  1. I've been in a love/hate relationship with BP for 20 years. I can tell you it works and is probably the only therapy that has been consistent. The problem is that you can't stop. I've used every other acne medication (over-the-counter and prescription) including 4 courses of Accutane (great as long as you stay on forever), Differin, Tazorac, prescription strength BP medications, Retin-A (all forms), antibiotics both oral and topical, Aladactone (sp?), all different types of skin care products
  2. I too have the night vision problem. I do feel this was related to my four courses of Accutane. It's a powerful drug and there are side effects.
  3. I am currently using Skintactix. They are very nice ,natural products and I think reasonable in price (although more than the otc stuff). The company is great about customer service via e-mail and seem very knowledgeable. I think they are reputable. They are strongly against benzoyl peroxide and have formulated products to use in lieu of bp. I have used bp successfully for years, but it has done damage to my skin in terms of aging. My acne is not that bad anymore and this works fine, howe
  4. Yes, I've been reading about them too. I noticed there was a post (somewhere on this site) praising these products. I don't know anything about them, but I am researching alternatives to bp and Accutane. BP has worked for me, but after many, many years of use, my skin has suffered premature aging and I need something else. I really feel BP can be effective for use in younger people, but by the time you hit late 30's, you will need a facelift if you keep using. I came across these product
  5. First I would like to say that BP has worked for me and I am not here to bash it. I'm 48 years old and have struggled with acne since I was a teen. I bought Dan's product and think it is very good. I have also been on Accutane 4 times (worked great while I was on it). However, my facial skin has aged considerably and I feel alot has to do with drying out the sebaceous glands from the BP, Accutane, etc. I didn't notice the ill effects until I hit late 30's and then my skin seemed to age ver
  6. After three full courses of Accutane I had a dermatologist in Atlanta let me try low-dosage Accutane continually for several years. Well, it worked great. He still monitored my blood (every three months as opposed to every month) and I had no side-effects, just great skin. He kept telling me that there was a risk because they had no long-term studies on the effects, but he had several patients who had such good results. I moved to Florida and could not find a derm who would prescribe it long
  7. I just ordered it and received an e-mail from their customer service department with a list of additional skincare tips I can try prior to receiving the products. I thought the products were very reasonably priced and actually less expensive than some of the Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, etc. products which have never worked for me. I like that all product ingredients are listed. This is very important since so many of the drugstore products contain offending ingredients which contribute to a
  8. Yes, a dermatologist prescribed this for me and it did nothing. Just note that this is a diuretic used to treat hypertension. I think it is a little far fetched to treat acne with it. I'm not sure how it is suppose to work, but it was not effective. Also be advised of the long list of side-effects.
  9. Has anyone tried ABY products? They have a website and the products are the basic BP, glycolic acid, sulfur, etc. This is basically the same regimen as Acnebook.com, which I have been using with good results. It is BP based and for those who are allergic, it won't work. The one thing I have learned about BP is that you have to start gradually and build up a level of tolerance. You can't just expect to slather all over your face from day one and leave on overnight. It takes weeks to buil
  10. It is a good inexpensive mask that contains sulfur and doesn't seem to contain any acne causing ingredients. Although my skin is very oily I limit use of this mask to individual pimples. If you use Dan's regimen and then apply this mask to individual lesions, they should dry out faster. Sulfur is a good medication to use to increase the potency of your BP. If you are breaking out immediately after using it, it might mean that it is exfoliating your skin faster and these are pimples that w
  11. Like most antibiotics it will work for awhile until your body builds up a tolerance to it. I've been there, done it. The problem is you can't stay on forever and then most acne will come back. Also you might need doxycycline for a serious infection later in life, and you might build a tolerance to it if you use it too often. Try Dan's regimen. Take it from someone who has been through it all, BP works if you use it correctly and diligently (see Dan's regimen).
  12. lisam

    My regimen

    I have already outlined my personal battle with acne under another topic. However, to summarize, I have been through every treatment known to medical science including - Retin A (all forms), Tazorac, Differin, oral and topical antibiotics, various prescription strengths of benzoyl peroxide, over-the-counter and prescription cleansers and finally five (yes five) courses of Accutane. Accutane is great when you are on it, but as soon as I go off my acne comes back within 6 months. I am 48 years
  13. Thanks for everyone's reply and encouragement!! I ordered Dan's benzoyl peroxide, but am a little hesitant to moisturize. The reason is that my skin is so oily and many of the moisturizers have offending ingredients that can flare acne (at least in my case). When I use moisturizers, my skin feels like a greasy mess and I can feel the breakouts coming. I do like the idea of the lower strength benzoyl peroxide that Dan recommends because I have used the 10% and it really dries out the top layer
  14. Oh my gosh...I would run to get a second opinion. I have had three different dermatologists in two states tell me to wait at least ONE YEAR before having any type of skin surgery, peel even waxing!!! It is best to err on the conservative side and wait.
  15. Be aware that Accutane will slow the healing process dramatically. This is the reason that physicians will not schedule any type of elective type surgeries for at least a year after you have discontinued the Accutane. It is a great drug (while you are on it), however, there are major drawbacks and side effects.