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  1. The skin is probably sensitive there. Avoid that area and before you apply the BP to your face put moisturizer (I use Cerave Healing Ointment) on that are for extra protection.
  2. TheMrs

    Acne.org journey

    Great progress! Are you still using the regimen?
  3. It really works!

    The acne.org system changed my skin for the better in just 2 weeks. I am a 39 y/o African American female and I have hormonal cystic acne. I was waking up to 4 - 5 pimples a day. I just purchased my second order with acne.org, this time I purchased the 16 oz bottles and the jojoba oil as well! If you are skeptical watch the videos on YouTube. The videos are very informative and helped me with my decision to start the regimen. 
  4. I am a 39 year old female and I was on Accutane a little over a year ago. The only side effect that I had were dry lips. I was a little scared to try it because of the things that I read on the internet. I'm generally a happy person and because of that I never had suicidal thoughts or was depressed while I was taking it (Thats what my doctor told me). My doctor also told me that it will enhance whatever state of mind that you are in and thats why they do not prescribe the medication to people t