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  1. Hello figment of my imagination. Because I'm a loser I just thought I'd let you know, we've officially "known" each for over a year now. Hasn't it been fun? :P

  2. I did it naked. I hope that's ok

  3. haha i'm talkin to u on msn right now.... cool.... just droppin by. UUUMMM where's my irish jig btw!

  4. well I have pretty mild acne now...I just noticed that it flares up around the time of the month..and also if i use scented detergent. It's also really oily...so i figured just yasmin should to the trick. At some points it gets completely clear...but i'm still getting a few breakouts around my mouth and chin... and I rarealy had those before I was on Yasmin. I really hope it starts working at least by June!!! I wanna do fun stuff this summer without worrying "omg is my makeup coming off"... its
  5. hey just wondering...people have said that the 3 month mark is when the magic starts to happen... umm what if it isn't happening by then?? I'm in the middle of my third month on Yasmin...and I was actually clear when I was on the placebo pills... but when I started up the active cycle again... I broke out... not bad... but still And my skin is still pretty oily. Is there a chance that its just gonna take longer for my body to respond?
  6. Oh... I should have my irish jig done by next week lol

  7. lol who said anything about punishment burnout? And what could you actually do to punish me anyways? Revoke ur invitation to me to swim in your pool? ;)

  8. lmao! Crackhead. So do u want me to punish u if u write to me? or not? make up ur mind...AND PUT THE PIPE DOWN! that stuff's dangerous.

  9. Fuck... disregard those comments. It probably wont happen. And no im not on drugs at the moment

  10. Oh and don't reply to this. It starts now :P

  11. Ok I'm gonna try going a week without msging u on msn or txting you (facebook also excluded). If I do, you have to do something for me... haven't decided what yet. Not that I don't want too but I gotta test my willpower lol

  12. lol loser...I read it, obviously. You know how much money u owe me now? from all the bets you've made and lost? HAHAH!

    Anyway, my g-ma used to sing this song to me "little lulu i love you-hoo just the saaame"

  13. duchess, this has been bugging me... but what does the lulu stand for in ur name? I know what Harp stands for obviously lol but not lulu. is it lululemon? I bet my piggy account u prolly won't read this :P

  14. Lol ur a veteran member too? I just realized I became one :P...cool!

  15. LuLuHarp


    need some answers here.....