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  1. May I suggest looking into 'candida' (a fungal parasite) and 'parasites'. The theory is that when you eat, they can eat, which supposedly results in them peeing and pooping toxins in your body; too much toxins for your liver to handle, result: your body pushing out toxins through your skin. Supposedly 80% of people of some kind of parasites, and they particularly feed on sugars and 'fast' carbs. I'd say sign up on curezone.com, they've got some nice forums there about these subjects. You can ge
  2. Do I correctly understand that you leave the shampoo/gel on both your hair and your face for 5 to 10 minutes every morning and every evening? Doesn't your skin dry out terribly then? Though as you noted, I must agree that I feel that yeast (candida) is probably the acne cause for most people. I have had quite some success with taking an 'internal' anti-yeast approach, but still have a little acne when I don't watch my diet very carefully.
  3. Google for "Herxheimer effect" Yes, if a detox is working, your symptoms (i.e. acne) are actually expected to get worse first. Important thing here is to definitely not get demotivated! Feel good because the detox is working, and don't let thoughts pop into your mind you migh be actually doing something wrong that's aggrevating your acne!
  4. Hi man, I agree vodka is probably the best choice, but jello shots? Gelatin and sugar neither are very beneficial to you if you ask me (i.e. they are pretty bad acne-wise)...
  5. Anyone? If you've experience in getting rid of candida; your insights are enormously appreciated...
  6. I'm interested in the answer as well. I think if you're not allergic to nuts, taking them in moderation is probably very beneficial since they contain lots of good fats and vitamins. However, apparently the processed ones (i.e. nuts that are already deshelled when you buy them) often contain 'mold' which feeds candida, which on its turn often is a cause for acne. However, that made me wonder; wouldn't putting nuts in the freezer or fridge, or possible even microwaving them (though that probabl
  7. I keep reading on lots of places that candida gets immune to anti-fungals after a while. Therefore, many websites advise to rotate the use of anti-fungals. However, some advice to rotate like every 4 days, while others state a frequency of rotating only once a month. I'm confused and have a few questions about fighting candida; 1. Is it well possible to get rid of candida by watching your diet and taking anti-fungals, or should you better take a 'real' medicine like 'Threelac'? 2. How long shou
  8. Ok, I've searched all over the Internet but just cannot manage to find an answer! To the point; I think I have some candida (probably not very badly, but at least too much), and I want to get rid of it. I am sure I can manage to follow 'the candida diet' mentioned on numerous websites (see for instance: http://www.herbalremediesinfo.com/candida-diet.html) pretty closely (I've unconsciously been following a diet pretty close to it for like 9 months already), but I know I just won't be able to do
  9. I found this thread and this reaction when I was searching for information on doing a liver (/colon) flush. Denise2, if you're still reading this, or anyone else; could you please comment on the quote above. Could doing a liver flush actually have an adverse effect which cannot be undone anymore??
  10. Your question is harder for me to answer as I use Flax lignans (almost the same method of use as DIM so I think I could answer it). Over dosing of DIM would be beneficial in the begining but this is only true IF your liver is not stressed which simply isnt our case. Now after taking 5 grams of Flax for a week (similar to 5 grams of DIM) I would say I tested myself in the wrong way. I got ill and broken out reallllly bad! Not good. So If you plan on over dosing on anything I would use CDG or Taur
  11. Hi all, I have been reading through all of the DIM threads from start and think it's great what you are doing here! I'm not too sure though I fully understand what your current conclusions are. So I was wondering if you, maybe in particular Jodiat, could give a short summarization of how you think acne should be treated with DIM; For example: - Take the recommended dose of DIM along with CDG and Taurine. - Stop taking the CDG daily after e.g. 2 weeks and then continue taking it weekly. - After
  12. I know the results might last, especially if the reason DIM works is that it balances estrogen. Hopefully that is the case. But IF it is only working because it blocks androgen receptors (which is a possibility IMO), then I'm pretty sure the results will not last. That's all I'm saying. I wouldn't mind taking it long-term if it were safe, but I will probably be pregnant one day and I can't imagine it would be safe during pregnancy (no anti-androgens are, I think). I am still going to try DIM (
  13. If DIM is (expected to be) effective only for a limited time not because it simply 'cures' you, then that must mean that your body somehow apparently gets 'immune' to it, right? Then, don't you think it's better NOT to take DIM, since it apparently prevents your body from reaping DIM's benefits in the future (especially in case of teen acne since that already is expected to be 'only' temporary)? I mean, DIM is said to be great in preventing for instance cancer as well... What do you think abou
  14. Hmm I'm confused; Does DIM increase or decrease free testosterone levels?