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  1. hi ella - i would love to connect. i am on yaz(generic) for a month and it hasn’t helped yet... i used to take it years ago and it helped immediately but now it’s saying it could take up to 3 months or whatever.. message me!
  2. hi! looking to see if anyone has a similar story... i had mild acne as a teen and took yaz(generic brand) and it helped immediately!! it was a miracle and i took it up until 2017 because i feel like it made me depressed/gained weight. once i got off it i went from 120 to 105 pounds. i had mild acne nbd for about a year and a half but for the most part my skin was perfectly clear. this past march (24 years old now) my skin broke out horrifically (worse than i’ve ever experienced). it’s
  3. hi sophie!! i am using yaz and spiro and i’ve been using yaz for a month and spiro for a week and no change so far if anything its only got worse let me know how it’s gone for you i would love to connect!