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  1. hey man, congrates on the clearing, i have been on accutane for a few months now i have tried all kinds on mois. i just want to know which ones have worked best for u. thanks.....
  2. Hi man nice log I have started accutane when you did and I know what you are going through there are our up days and down days, but alot of the acne is going away that is the great thing we should be greatful about, anyway good luck with ur teatment and keep us updated
  3. DAY 38 The breakout on my chin cleared up but there are still red marks big ones like the pimples are still there. Any idea guys when to expect them to claim down?? but the great thing is I only have 2 active pimples on my face and one on my chest. the doc. gave me a new mois. to use since I went to his office without putting anything on which was scary, anyway the mois. is called EUCERIN CALIMING CREME other than the dryness of the lips and face no side effect what so ever.
  4. DAY 31 My chicks are begining to clear up totally except for the red spots, The IB moved down to my chin I have 4 very painfull pimpils without any head, but alot of the redness claim down and the dryness too which is great, anyway I just toke my first 30 mg and hope for the best.
  5. DAY 29 I went to the derm. today and he bumped me up to 60mg/day which he calculated after taking my wieght, he said my blood work was perfect which is wierd he said my liver is better than before (What was I taking?) my skin is dry and flaky and red I am going to find a better mois. I still have one 20mg left, no side effect I hope going to the gym 6 times a week doesn't let accutane sore me up. But. there is progress my acne subsided and I am not going to forget this was just 20mg
  6. Day 24 The IB started again bad for the last few day, I tried to pop them all but I made things worth so for an advice don't get near ur face while on accuane since I have known that ur face don't have oil for lubrication anyway I am very optimestic the IB are clearing up but there are alot of red spots replacing them I know the pimple is gone but it looks like one, I started to put olay complete SPF 15 in the morrning now and alot of jojoba oil with ceraVe, because of that the dryness is all m
  7. Day 15 sorry for not writing my progress, but I have good news alot of the IB reduced dramaticly, my skin and lips are very dry I think that is my fault since I only put the Moisturizer once a day at night, no side effects so far
  8. DAY 5 My ib are geting worth a few came out on my left and right chick and one on my forehead, But that doesn't bring me down since all the acne under the skin is on the surface now it's like it purges your skin, still no sign on dry skin or dry lips or any other side effects.
  9. DAY 4 The IB are slowing down got a few on both my right and left chick. but my skin is real smooth now, all the bumps are coming on the surface, about the back pain and leg pain I now think it was from the gym, anyway NO dry skin or DRY lips. and no side effects that I know of.
  10. DAY 3 The IB are consentrated on my left chick, still the redness is the same, but I feel my face is better, the only side effect today is the back pain still don't know if it's from the accutane or from working out, NO dry skin, NO dry lips, since i cover my self all day with moisturizers, I know it's too early to say but I think accutane is working that's all for Today.... .
  11. DAY 2 I had an IB which is normal since that's what always happens to me when I change treatments, some of the redness is gone which is great, had some joint pain while running in the gym don't know if this is from accutane or from working out my legs yesterday or realated to the "placebo effect", other than that no dry skin or lips.
  12. Today was my first day taking accutane "20 mg" 02/02/09 I am very excited cause I had acne since I was 14 years old and I am now 18, I tryed acne.org regimen for 4 month it helped alot but didn't clear me up, this is like my last resort, I will keep an update on my condition day by day. DAY 1 I bought OLAY complete SPF 15 sun protection for day use , Aquaphor for my lips which is amazing, ceraVe Moisturizer cream for night use, v
  13. Hi, love what u are going keeping us up to date, I will start accutane on monday since the doctor made a mistake of not writing the date on the pres. and calling in the wrong dosage 20 rather than 40 mg and I will post a day to day update on my condition, just wanted to say thanks man you are one of the peaple who gave me the encouragement to take accutane and the nose bleed is normal since the nose is dry from inside and there is no way u can moisturize it and also since I go to the gym alot