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  1. Hi, Ican't make your pimple go away, but As a photographer who does weddings, I can give you a few tips on how to make it less noticable; The number one quick fix for models with a big zit before the photo shoot is... believe it or not, hemmoroid cream. Yep, you heard right, the same stuff that shrinks hemmorids can help with the swelling of a zit. Apply the night before and the morning of, and it should help quite a bit. Good coverage is important, you'll need to dab a thick concealer on i
  2. Well, wouldn't you know? My skin has been healthy and happy, but...the day before my photo session I get a big angry Papule (?) -- red bump, no head, but very tender and inflamed. I've read the posts and some say put on toothpaste, some say apple cider vinegar, some say honey, some say apply crushed aspirin, some say take ibuprofen, some say visine, some say steaming hot towel, some say ice...ay. Obviously, I cannot do all, as I don't want to make things worst by piling it on. I think my
  3. UPDATE: "summer stroll" looked too orange in the jar, but on my skin, it went on sort of peachy/pink, and it's the most natural looking blush I've ever worn! I'm wearing it every day now. I'll try "walkee talkee" soon.
  4. I use a skunk brush which has really spread apart hairs that make for a really light, fluffy feel, the opposite of the flat top. So I would recommend looking for a really fluffy powder brush an just dust on the finishing powder, not buff. oh well i was kinda hoping i was done with shopping makeup-stuff:P but i suppose I'm not :P I use the same kabuki I use for my foundation to put on the finishing dust. In order not to cross contaminate, I don't dip brushes into the makeup jars di
  5. After four sample sets (!!!) I think I finally got it right: I'm a (drum roll) Golden Fair! And by now, I think I've seen most of the fair to light spectrum of foundations in person, so if anyone has any questions, ha ha, you know where to ask! I am such an EM convert now! I have loads of those little sample jars everywhere, and I bought my first kit, which includes brushes, golden fair (intensive) foundation and Finishing Dust. Finishing Dust is phenomenal! It's translucent and it really
  6. Yes, in college, just taking evening primrose oil cleared my skin. I stopped taking it for a few years, and now I'm taking it again along with the rest of my routine, so it's harder to judge its effect.
  7. Sounds like a bad day to me! I had many of those in college, but I think your confidence building might start with setting boundaries with your roommate. And by that I mean simple things, like when she asks you to go on a "walk" (sounds like she just wanted another girl to pair up with the two guys--that made her unreasonably pushy), STAND UP FOR YOURSELF and say I'LL GO WITH YOU, JUST LET ME WASH MY FACE AND PUT ON SOME MAKEUP FIRST. You might have freshened up, felt a little better, put on
  8. I've tried frozen raspberries and found they didn't really cover up the color enough- in fact they sometimes made it a gross purpley green. I find the bright green color That's why I was thinking coca powder is a brilliant idea... I just didn't want to waste nicer fruits like mango by covering them up with cocoa powder... we tend to battle over mangoes in this family! And I know raspberry goes amazingly with chocolate so I definitely will pick some up again first chance I get. Come to think
  9. Okay, I can relate to this, I was just hoping you weren't one of the ones who insisted that meat is unhealthy in any quantity. I agree that you shouldn't believe the food industry on everything they say--for one thing, there's no legal value of the term "free-range", so anything can be labelled free-range--so what I've done is check out different companies and see if they are consistent with their labelling. So far, I've determined that Horizon is a crappy company, and I'm planning on never buyi
  10. And frankly, this isn't possible, unless you 1) supplement 2) eat artificially-fortified foods or 3) ate animal products at some point in your life, which you did. It's impossible for any child to go throughout life without doing one of those of three things, which plainly suggests that we need meat in our diets to be optimally healthy.
  11. Well, You can see my signature for more about me, but here's the dish: I was getting big zits on my cheeks and chin over Christmas 2007 (hormonal, I think), which got progressively worse all through January. On the DKR Method I got pretty clear BUT.... Now I have little non-inflamed pimples all over my forehead and down the sides of the bridge of my nose. At first I thought it might be my hair and sunglasses, but I don't think so...I don't wear sunglasses too often, I try not to touch my fac
  12. Hmm...I don't know. :think: I'd imagine people mix their moisturizer with their powder because they prefer liquid makeup or because they want extra moisturizer. I used to prefer liquid makeup, but for now, I'm trying the mineral powder with a kabuki brush. I might try the moisturizer thing later. I DO mix my concealer with moisturizer for under my eyes, though, because I think patting my under-eye with my ring fingers is gentler than rubbing a brush on them. The skin under the eyes is t
  13. How I put on my sunlight concealer (I didn't want to have wrinkly eye): In one ring finger, I put a dab of my moisturizer and in the other I put a dab of the dry concealer and then mixed them together. Then I gently patted it in under my eyes. What I think of the foundation: I tried the Multi-tasking Neutral (Cool) in Intensive formula. The shade matched just lovely and natural. Overall, the foundation is very photo-friendly. It doesn't look like I was wearing make-up in the digital pho
  14. Yesterday, I got my first free sample kit!!!! I'm up early just thinking about trying the foundations on! I got: Fawn (Golden), Multi-task (Cool), and Fairly Light Neutral (Buff); all in the Intensive formula I also got: B&B blush, Sunlight concealer I dipped a clean q-tip in each foundation and placed each on my neck. The Fairly Light Neutral seems too beige next to my skin and makes it darker. Fawn is like a brighter version of my skin color. I might use it. But the Multi-task