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  1. this took a huge tool on you mentally? you mean your pores?
  2. does anyone know something about the anterior chemabrasion? than you for your recommendation. she did use filler after the third subcision but not as a spacer. she injected it superficially. I think it is because i have a lot of facial fat and filler as a spacer ( injected into the deeper layers) would give me more volume.
  3. it wont stay like this. give it a few months and the indentation will be gone.
  4. This is before and after 2 subcisions At the beginning i was pretty happy with the results.. now after the second subcision I can’t notice any further improvement. I think that is it. I know it looks a little better but it just isn‘t enough and it still kills me to know that this is the best it can get.
  5. yes, even after 2 months post sub. my scars are getting better..
  6. In case anyone is reading.. This is my six weeks subcision update. right is before, left is after. both pictures are taken in the evening after a long day. By the way this is my bad side.. the left side of my face is totally fine by now (healed mostly on its own, dont know why) and my forehead is still looking good.
  7. 4 weeks update: Some shallower scars and deeper scars are leveled out. Especially on my forehead and on the right side of my face. The scars that bothered me the most (they were not even the deepest ones) did not respond well. Overall I had about a 30-40 % improvement, which is ok. There are 4 scars in the front of my face which need more work. If they level out with the second subcision, I will stop treating my scars. I am a smoker, by the way. That could have had an impact on healing..
  8. No, she is located in Niederlenz. I did not pay for the consultation, because she is treating my acne. In this case the insurance pays.. And the price for subcision depends on your scars I guess.. My forehead holds the improvement, my cheeks are starting to fill in. I can not describe how happy I have been the past few days.. it seems too good to be true. I will update in 2 weeks. I stopped suctioning after a week..
  9. No, I did not. What kind of filler did you get?
  10. i would not take accutane for scars.. sure, one side of my face improved a lot but the other not even the slightest bit. I am 24 years old by the way and never had acne before i turned 24. All of a sudden my face was a real mess. I had cysts that were as big as a golf ball. After four months i went to the derm and she prescribed my iso. Now I scar from every whitehead. This drug really messes with your healing ability. update on subcision results: My forehead responded amazingly!! It is alm
  11. I stopped one week before the treatment. I am now one week post subcision and did not have any problem. In a week or two I can continue iso..