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  1. @beautifulambition is there any other way to treat box scars? Maybe with Phenol cross if they are really shallow?
  2. it looks like subcision did not improve your scars even if it looks like early scarring.. i always tought they were easier to treat?
  3. @superburrito that is great to hear, that you had around 40% improvement. Do you have a side by side picture? thank you for keeping ja updated.
  4. please keep us updated @Lars99
  5. @beautifulambition Thanks for your reply should fillers be injected immediately after subcision or should one wait a week or so?
  6. Can i ask how old your scars were? I‘m interested in filler, but I dont wanna go back to the doctor every year.. Do you have to go back? or did you achieve a permanent results since your own collagen was stimulated? ps: sorry for my english, I am Swiss
  7. did you have further improvement ?
  8. you are such an inspiration! I hope your journey ends with the deep peel. fingers crossed... thank you for updating, it gives us hope.
  9. How are you doing now? I struggle with very bad scarring too. I dont know how to deal with this..
  10. i want to go to dr. rullan too. How are you doing after your latest treatment? Do you think phenol cross helped with making scars more shallow?
  11. I‘m so sorry, that you have to go trough this. I am on accutane and can not wait to start treating my acne scars. But the more i read on this forum, the more I think that there is no hope. I once was a happy girl, now I feel trapped in my own body. Maybe therapy would be a better option... I wish you all the best and hope that you can find peace one day. ps: sorry for my English.. I am Swiss.
  12. are my scars severe? do i need fillers?