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  1. the baseline picture was taken in april 2019, still on accutane December 2019 : subcision March 2020: subcision + filler June 2020: subcision august 2020: just filler january 2021: subcision + chemabrasion and yes, they were all cannula. the majority of the improvement i had on this cheek came from doing nothing at all. when i started to treat my scars in decemeber it already looked 50 % better. Idk how, but i am grateful. my forehead on the other hand did n
  2. the last treatment i had was a month ago (cannula subcision + chemabrasion) by light chemabrasion i mean that she abraded only the epidermis with a sandpaper followed by a easy tca peel ( it is mixed with antioxidants and AHAs ) I did not have filler for this cheek, but on the other she used it as a voluminizer.
  3. hi everyone, that is the current situation of my right cheek after 4 subcisions and one light chemabrasion (no filler for this cheek) 2 years between those pictures before and after of my left cheek is coming soon (i dont have a good picture yet)
  4. i had subcision and filler three times and chemebrasion one time. Subcision in this region is not a problem, if the doc uses a cannula. Filler placed superficially is not dangerous as well. I had very good results on my cheeks. The scars on my forehead came back after a while, not even the filler made a big difference. I didnt have more than 20% improvement on the forehead. I think it just doesnt respond very well...
  5. hey fazoo my skin type is also a bit darker (type 4 i would say) and she said it is not a problem, if that was, what u were worried about. Please let us know about your results.
  6. no. with the „single anterior chemabrasion“ they remove the epidermis and apply 15% tca (always in this order). by removing the epidermis the peel is way more effective. This technique was invented by phillipe deprez for stretch marks. You can also do a double anterior chemabrasion which is for deep scars. Just google „anterior chembrasion“. I found this picture in a medical journal
  7. hi, since it is summer, I decided to do the chemabrasion in december. In the meantime i had a third subcision with the tiniest bit of filler. It is a strange thing with my scars... the depth has been greatly reduced (there are barely any waves left, when I run my finger down my cheek) but i feel like the texture stayed the same making it look like they are still fully there. I think the chembrasion will make a big difference.. right is before, left is after.. I encourage you
  8. this took a huge tool on you mentally? you mean your pores?
  9. does anyone know something about the anterior chemabrasion? than you for your recommendation. she did use filler after the third subcision but not as a spacer. she injected it superficially. I think it is because i have a lot of facial fat and filler as a spacer ( injected into the deeper layers) would give me more volume.
  10. it wont stay like this. give it a few months and the indentation will be gone.