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  1. He said it's used for smaller scars but I noticed many of his patients have rolling scars and he treats them with TCA. I have seen his website and it looks like he's treats moderate-severe scarring with TCA. I figure I'm already disfigured so what's the difference lol.
  2. Congrats on your improvement! I have a question... do Dr.'s perform fraxel on just one spot. I have one scar- but its smack dab on my nose!!... Have you heard of them treating one area.. I don't have the money to shell out for a series of full facers. thanks gigi
  3. Hi Karli, How is your treatment going?? I hope you're seeing results. I have decided to give my skin time to recover and have stopped all treatment for the time being. I had one last major peel from the correct about 10 days ago, and am taking a break. It has been a month since I started and there has been some satisfactory improvement. I am seeing the derm on thursday, so I will see what he says. Overall, I am pretty happy with what I see. I am thinking of trying Julie's resurfacing cry
  4. How are you doing with your treatment, gigi? Hi Idnha!! Sorry I didn't reply earlier I've been busy with school... Thanks for inquiring about my treatment... So far it is improving slightly. I have seen more improvement in the last 2 weeks than I have in the last 2 months, which I suppose is good. It seems to have filled in a little in places. My scar is funny. It will look good some days and other days it will look like it did before. It feels like 2 steps forward and one step bac
  5. Ok .. Update #2 I tried the TCA latte again on my entire face... except my scarred area. INFINTIELY better the second time around. It did not take long to peel the second time about a day and a half. I took a couple weeks off the apeel for my scar, and used retin-a.... Looks a little better and had a peel from that. Next, I started with the apeel correct into my scar. I rubbed it in for about 4 minutes 2 nights in a row. My scar plumped up from swelling (looked great!) but obviously was not pe
  6. How bad were your scars and how long did it take until you saw a noticable difference? I have a rolling scar I am trying to treat. I started with the daily, but am moving it up to the stronger correct. How did you treat your scars?? Thanks for the info. Julie really is cool. She sent me so much free crap... I was so excited =)
  7. No problem. ;) I will start with the Correct on my scar tonight. I wanted to give my skin a little break. Although, honestly I didn't peel much at all with the daily. I'm going to try a three days on, 4 off approach. I will probably use a more aggressive method ( leaving it on longer etc.), now that I know my skin can take it. I will definitely keep you updated on the progress. I also have the TCA complex, but I haven't tried it yet.
  8. Ok.. here's my first round report.... I started with TCA Latte on my left side and apeel daily on my nose, and apeel correct on the right side of my face. Very first night I did skin tests of both apeel daily and correct, and Latte as well... nothing adverse... So the next day... I did three days of overnight latte-it seemed rather mild. I applied the "normal skin" directions to my nose and right cheek area with the apeel daily and correct respectively. Which means.. basically I applie
  9. Well I did it, I ordered the TCA complex and Apeel daily and some lip balm that sounded too delicious! I will let you know how it goes I am a bit nervous, but excited too. I can assure you, I am no way affiliated with Julie or her website. I think she is located on the east coast somewhere, I am from southern California. I noticed there is a lot of uncertainty on this site as to her legitimacy. I am just a chick, trying to get good skin!!!! My acne is in remission also (for the most part) s