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  1. I use the spot treatment as directed, that is to say I only apply it on trouble areas - there is no need to put it on the areas that do not have problems. The SA wash does have a lot of extra ingredients most cleansers do not - I think this is a major reason that it both clears up redness and leaves my face moisturized and not dry. I have never come across a face wash, let alone a SA wash that has worked so well. I have been very skeptical of SA medication until now - I tried the neutrogena s
  2. I've been using these three products both when I wake up and before I go to sleep. 1) Wash 2) Apply moisturizer 3) Apply spot treatment Very easy. My skin has cleared up almost immediately. My Webpage
  3. Tanning beds... What happens if you go tanning?
  4. Has anyone tried Nature's Cure? What were the results?
  5. I'm giving BP a break. My lord my face has been dry. I am having to put on moisturizer now and I have never had to in the past. Botchla dried me out bad.
  6. Yeah I followed it exactly. I'm clearing up pretty good right now. I axed the SA in the morning actually. I think SA is responsible for all cysts. I would just wash w/ CC and then moisturize.
  7. I've notice many more cysts while on this regimen. It's been one month, I don't know what causes the cysts? Maybe the SA? Anyone just knocked it down to BP? and forget the SA?
  8. I've ran into problems this week, however I have found a new SECRET amidst my struggles. If you apply the actual cleanser, the BP 10% CC to a zit after washing, it will be almost invisible by morning. So wash with it, then apply it to your dry skin. It's amazing.
  9. I use a mach 3, make sure the blade isn't dull. I use colgate foam. A lot of acne starts due to irritation. In my case, hair follicles get irritated and then cause acne.
  10. Today my face looked great. I think I will go back to morning SA only. I've been doing both SA and BP in the morning, i think this is causing my face to become more dry.
  11. I've noticed extreme dryness halfway through week 3. I still do get zits but not as many.
  12. Something like 3 weeks right? Yeah, three weeks since I started. It's going really well. One thing that is awesome about this regimen, is the overall feel of your face. I remember when I was on Dan's regimen, my face always felt like it had tons of stuff on it (because it did). My skin was also always irritated. So far, my face has not been iritated. I think this regimen helps a lot with cystic acne. Slowly, the cystic acne has gone away. My overall complexion has been improved. Thi
  13. I have had absolutely no bad reactions to this regimen. Crap, with Dan's regimen you have BP on your face 24/7; i see that being a problem for your skin's future health. Anyone else? With Botchla's, I just wash my face with BP, not let it sit on my skin for 12 hours a day (constantly worrying if it's getting messed up). I felt like I was wearing a layer of make-up on Dan's regimen. I'm super glad I switched. And, the results are better and a lot, a lot faster. I'm like 3 wks. in and I've