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  1. Is there somewhere on this board to find one? I dont see that section anywhere.
  2. Yeah I have read the side effects of accutane. I feel the only way I would be put on that is if I stopped taking all acne meds for about a month let me skin start to break out more then a few days before going to the derm to start taking it again so my pours appear more open. One of the derms told me to come back if one of the meds didnt work and she would put me on it. It didnt work and she still wouldnt put me on it. I had a long debate with her about it but she refused. I find it strange a do
  3. Ok here’s my deal, 31 year old male. Did not have acne problems until 24 years old. its been 7 years and I am now 31 and still dealing with acne. I have been to 4 different dermatologist and tried countless gels, creams face washes, shampoo's etc. I have gone to an allergist (I am allergic to dust, mites, pollen, cats & dogs) and an endocrinologist (levels looked fine except a little low on vitamin d). I am really not sure what to do anymore to get rid of my adult acne. Dermatologist say
  4. djtoodles

    Red Bumps

    I have been dealing with adult acne for almost 7 years and over the past two months something new has happened. My upper cheek next to my eye had a red bump. it never come to a white head. I have tried popping them but nothing. I thought it was either a pimple or a cyst but I don’t think it was. After about a week it went down. However I ended up with one on my cheek last week and another 1 on the same spot near my eye on my upper cheek again. I am curious what it may be. Maybe over drying from
  5. Thanks, I will look in to it. I am a firm believer of people who say this starts from the inside and creams and gels will not fix the problem only Mask it. I have changed my diet and cut things out and all Of that with no change in acne. So I don't think mine is related to diet. Before my acne I had a horrible diet and drank too much and smoked cigarettes and had perfect skin. Who knows though. People tell me your skin changes every 7 years, if that's the case by next summer mine shoul
  6. From what I have read is you do a parasite flush which gets rid of some of them but the dead parasites sit in your liver after. Then you do a liver flush to clear that all out. Maybe you need to redo it with a parasite flush first. I am not sure it's going to work but nothing else has been a cure, worth a shot! I will update after I receive the pills and try it. I think there is a bunch of methods I just searched amazon for a parasite flush and took the top rated item.
  7. Well I started to get it at 24. I am 30 now. But I have taken. Minocycline (had allergic reaction) Tazorac Ziana Aczone That's all that is coming to mind lately. There is others I have been on both oral and creams/gels. Currently I am using Sumaden face wash and differin. My skin is better than it was a few years ago but i still break out. I ordered a product off amazon to test the theory. Really I want to figure this out and my insurance raised the prices on my meds so they ar
  8. From some of my post here some of you will know I did not develop acne until 24 years old and I have been dealing with it the past 6 years. I had clear skin up until then. I just thought the previous few days that it might be caused by parasites. So I did a google search and it does appear a side affect to parasites can be acne. Has anyone done a parasite cleansing and liver cleansing after and been cured of acne? I generally worry about doing body cleanses as they can do more harm to your bo
  9. I am wondering if I just stop taking everything if my skin will stay the same. I mean all these medications make my skin look reddish and blotchy at times so if i can at least get my normal skin tone back perhaps that is better. But i also do not want to regress.
  10. My allergist only found me to be allergic to things such as dust, dogs and cats, not foods. I have been allergic to the same thing as a child so I would tend to think its not an allergy but i am always open to other options. I do find it strange to have it at 30 when at 23 i had 0 acne.
  11. I have been to 3 dermatologist and unfortunately none of them would put me on accutane. They all said my skin was not bad enough to get it and most people on accutane would kill for my skin. I find that exretemely hard to believe because i still break out at 30 and I do not see any other male break out that is over the age of 20. The esthetician tried to help convince the dermatologist to put me on accutane as well because I would see her every 2 weeks but that did not help either. I think de
  12. As an update I decided to keep using the Sumadan, Glycolix Glycolic acid 15% pads and Differin 0.1%. It was against my better judgement because I was afraid I would just keep breaking out worse and cause more scaring on my face. My bacne that came out of nowhere to start 2012 seems to have gone down quite a bit. I did not put anything on it, let nature run its course. I have some scaring marks from where they were but I know they will heal in time. My face however seems to be breaking out
  13. Your last point is what worries me it is something other than just hormones causing acne. Has anyone had success finding things from an endocrinologist that helped? Also the things i have tried is tazorac gel which i stopped because it hurt my face and made it extremely red even after using it for 6months. used epiduo but the bp in it made my skin red and was a bit harsh, had an allergic reaction to minocycline and erythromycin. I tried a few other oral meds which i cant recall but they made
  14. First off I know adult acne seems to affect mostly woman but i am a male and that is what prompts this. I have been to 3 different dermatologist and I have tried so many medications and my skin will be pretty clear for a few weeks then i will get acne to come back. I see a medical estitician every 14 days for a glycoloc acid treatment. I have asked my dermatologist to put me on accutane and she said my skin is not bad enough to permit it. I never had acne trouble until i was 24 I am 29 now
  15. As an update the new dermatologist seemed to be the nicest so far and didnt recommend the same medication i have been on. She basically said she is confident accutane would clear me 100% but due to being a new patient of hers she cant prescribe it right away due to insurance covering it. She gave me a new regime and meds to try for 6 weeks as a last ditch effort and if it doesnt work she will put me on accutane. The new meds are... sumaxin as a face wash AM & PM aczone gel AM & PM bac