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  1. fraxel is FRACTIONAL people! it's easy to get misled when you have a roller going over your whole face. then the next day your entire face is red and swollen. but in fact only a fraction of the skin actually received any laser!!! go to youtube and watch some of the videos of the fraxel re:pair. you can see the sparse white dots that get laid down with each pass. then you realize how very little of the scar actually gets treated each time. then you will begin to realize why your skin isn't ma
  2. Sad. Just because she's famous she gets sympathy and a lawyer to sue. Every single person who has had fraxel for acne scars has had this exact same experience!! All the info on fraxel is geared towards wrinkle treatment and it's billed as a no-downtime procedure. For acne scars, the treatment levels are much higher. The down-time is considerable. There will always be severe swelling, bleeding, acne, etc. from treating with fraxel at high levels for acne scars. Her doctor could have made tha
  3. no. it's a different procedure that is ablative CO2 but still fractional. run a search on here.
  4. i had a mole removed and wish i could go back in time and not do it. there was no reason to remove it and it left me with a scar. looking back at pictures i see the mole actually added character and was a part of me. now i just have a scar there that is much larger than the mole. (thats cause when they cut it out they have to make a bigger incision than the mole).
  5. most of the posts on realself.com are from people who've had one treatment and are sitting at home with nothing to do. you will find very few if any posts there from those that have completed the series of all 5-6 treatments and have waited 6 months to 1 year to guage results. also you can't go by reviews on fraxel that are a few years old. people were getting the fraxel 750 which was never intended to be used for acne scars. they discovered it had a nice side application for scars. the fr
  6. Anyone translate Japanese? This is some good histology slides showing fraxel treatment. Looks like the first few days after treatment is when the epidermis regenerates. Then the dermis takes several months. http://www.fraxel-laser.net/01/
  7. Anyone translate Japanese? This is some good histology of fraxel causing regeneration. http://www.fraxel-laser.net/01/
  8. The most important thing is to shave less often, no matter what kind of system you use. Personally I would recommend once a week on Sunday night or Monday morning, so you are ready for the week. Alternatively you could not shave at all. I wouldn't recommend a beard since you need to be able to moisturize. So what you can do is get a beard trimmer. Use it on the lowest setting and keep the hair at 1/4 an inch long.
  9. 120 mg is too much. That's when I got the nasty and permanent side effects of tane. Under 60 mg I was fine. As soon as I went over 120 mg I was done for. Lower your dose. You will regret it if you don't!
  10. Watch out for Vitamin A toxicity. You are much better getting Vitamin A from Beta Carotene. You can't overdose on Beta Carotene because your body only converts it to Vitamin A as needed. However it is stored in the liver and fat cells so you don't have to worry about not having enough in your system at any one time. Vitamin A is stored in the body as well but your body cannot deal with too much without having serious toxic effects. Also, you don't need Vitamin A or Beta Carotene every day.
  11. If I remember that article on the Acell fingertip said the man had a small scar line where the finger was cut off, even after it regenerated.
  12. has anyone talked to their doctor about fraxel's effect on the sebaceous glands? obviously its having an effect on them since everyone is breaking out right after treatment. i read in a fraxel pdf file where a doctor was saying fraxel can damage or destroy oil glands . . .
  13. can you post larger pictures? maybe on photobucket or flickr? its impossible to tell improvement.
  14. I think that scarless regeneration of existing scarred tissue will be reliant upon a "re-injuring" the skin in some type of fashion. You would cause a new controlled injury, starting the process over again, and then begin redirecting healing and regeneration from that point on (utlizing whatever scarless healing technology becomes available). The theory is sound and very plausible. Keep in mind through that the outcome is dependent upon the process, ie- the healing phase. You would have to i