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  1. Has anyone used bentonite clay topically to help drain cysts? I think it would be effective cause it attracts more than it's weight and could suck out the dirty pus stuff in a cyst...
  2. i want to strengthen my liver so i am thinkin of takin milk thisle and dandelion root. how long do u guys recommend takin this stuff? i kno others have said not to take it for too long of a time, so how long is too long.
  3. hey u guys, i have a question. what is the best way to drain a cyst once it comes to a head? i want to be sure that once it opens up i get all the yellow pus out of it so it can heal rite.
  4. Maybe you could go off accutane or go with a lower dose? Clear skin isn't worth it if you're going to die or suffer from having too much iron.
  5. What were ur results and are u avoiding the foods u have intolerances to? If u've been avoiding these foods, has it improved ur acne?
  6. Have your LGS and holistic diets kept you clear for good? If so, please come back and let us know and keep helping those who need.

  7. Can someone recommend a daily cream I can use to help fade my red scars? My scars aren't that bad, but I would like to use something with retinol to fade my red scars and also improve and prevent winkles.
  8. If you send cash, your mail will get "lost". Wrap the cash within lots of paper so it doesn't show, or write a check or money order. You can get a money order at a US Post Office or even some UPS stores and 7-11 (convienience stores).
  9. When was the last time he changed his ingredients? I ordered cleanser back in May and I'm still using the same bottles...
  10. The computer aspect is interesting. Have you tried using a LCD monitor instead of a CRT monitor? The LCD monitors don't have the same amount of emissions as CRTs.
  11. Six weeks on the regimen and you're still getting cysts? IMHO, that doesn't sound like it's working for you. Have you been following the directions and videos posted?
  12. constructive criticism: 1) google search is terrible. the old search was better because it has more features and flexibility. I could: - search for posts within a certain date - search for posts by certain members - search for threads with X number of replies - etc... 2) please have a minimal skin. One that has minimal colors, and NO acne.org graphic logos. I like to do surf the site when I have free time at work and I definitely would not like coworkers surprising me and seeing the big ac