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    10 Reasons To Date A Hockey Player:<br /><br />1. We spend hundreds of dollars on protection<br />2. We have great hands<br />3. We are used to scoring<br />4. We like to get you up against a wall<br />5. We will find the opening and get it in<br />6. We never miss the target with our shot<br />7. We know how to use our wood<br />8. We have extraordinary hip rotation and power<br />9. We like to play it rough<br />10. Because all other pro sport athletes play with balls

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  1. I've been weight training for about four months now without any sort of supplement, and have decided to try one out. After some research, I found that the product creatine monohydrate is very widely used by athletes (80% of Olympians use it) so I'm like, "OK, I think I'll try this." Just to make sure it was right for me, I looked up possible side effects. Aside from cramps that can be overcome with plenty of water consumption, I found that it could cause acne, and GASP!! testicular shrinkage. I'
  2. Anything stronger will make your skin insanely dry and it will peel. Plus, it sound like the stuff you got works? Maybe just drink more water.
  3. NO. Doesn't work. It makes your acne go away for 2 months, then it comes back like it was before.
  4. NO It makes acne better for like 2 months, then it comes back.
  5. I've been using Jergens natural glow face moisturizer for a few months with just so-so results. While it is the only self tanner for the face that I have tried that doesn't make my acne inflamed, it does however make my skin very oily. Also, it seems as if the prescription face wash my derm. gave me completely erases it at night, so my skin only looks kind of tan during the day. I am on the pasty side, so I need something. SO, anyone have success with anything different?
  6. No. If you lather it up enough to shave with then it should do the job. Word of advice: Gelette Sensor Excel = very gentle razor and I highly recommend it.
  7. I think I'll try those, thanks!! Where do you buy them from, Walgreens or what?
  8. Based on personal experience, what face self tanner irritates acne the least (read: is the least oily). I'm looking into Neutrogena Instant Bronze Sunless Tanner and Bronzer for the face. Anybody else use it, or is their something better? I want my face to look just slightly tanner, a dark tan would look unnatural on me, plus it would be easy to figure out that I fake and bake, which is something I want to avoid!! I am a guy, so please do not suggest wearing makeup. Any and all replies will be a
  9. Wow, this is a long ass thread! I definitely don't have time to read the ten pages of it to search for an answer to this, so I'll ask you: how did the Diacneal work out? Where do you get it from? And I noticed you don't use DK's cleanser, does that other stuff work better? Lastly, what is jojoba? I'm not a 30 year old battling acne, I'm actually 17, but I figure if this stuff works for acne that is so severe that you've had it for this long, it should absolutely nuke mine :) Thank you for readin
  10. Yeah, everything except for my back acne :( Any suggestions??
  11. OK, so I stumbled on this regimen a few weeks ago, and it has been working out great for me. Like all great inventions (ahem, Silly Putty) it was a complete accident I came over this. Long story short: a few weeks ago, I was on vacation, and was only able to apply DK's Regimen once a day at night. What do you know, my acne started to look pretty good! I think it was because my acne was not being irritated by anything during the day, and thus, it looked less inflamed and red. I don't know how it