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  1. I've tried supplements. I've been at this over 3 years, so during that course I tried countless supplements, but never noticed any real difference. Now all I take is: -Probiotic -Zinc/Magnesium -Fish Oil -Vitamin D
  2. Sorry I didn't reply, just been super busy, and of course now that I've been cooking all my meals my face is fine and healing. Thanks for all the replies. 1. My workouts are somewhat intense I guess, but never last more than 45 minutes or so. I sleep well and do everything to make sure cortisol isn't out of control or anything(to the best of my knowledge). I am just very active in general(and a rather lean 220 lb), hence the high caloric intake. 2. The most recent breakout was from indian food
  3. Alright, I don;t know why I'm posting this. I haven't been to this site for a while, but I'm just fed up. My skin is an absolute disaster after just one diet "slip-up". I know the foods that break me out. Vegetable Oils, Cheese and milk(not butter or cream), and peanuts. Stuff that you pretty much can't avoid while eating out(especially vegetable oils). If I avoid these and cook all of my meals my skin is pretty much perfect except for a few small bumps here and there. As soon as I go out to eat
  4. man, you need to take some food with you to the gym to eat before your epic journey home. At least drink a protein shake and eat a banana or something. If i waited 2-3 hours after I work out to eat anything, I would be feeling pretty crappy too. Its not the lack of carbs at night, its the lack of nutrition after stressing your body with exercise. Not to be a jerk, but don't you have buses in your town? You seriously walk 2 hours home after the gym on an empty stomach? Get some food in you while
  5. i usually eat a sweet potato when I get home. Not really paleo, but are there even low-GI paleo foods that have any carbs?
  6. yea but both are necessary. btw, OP, what kind of workouts are we talking here? cardio, weights, how long, etc...Obviously if we are talking strolling on a treadmill, well, then your needs quite different.
  7. Ideally, I'd say to eat a meal with protein, carbs, fats 90-120 minutes before your workout, drink a whey shake and carbs(sweet potato(most acne friendly id say), dextrose, sugar, etc) immediatley after, and then a meal an hour after that. forget casein before bed, thats a bunch of nonsense broscience. Your muscles won't waste away overnight. Real food is far far superior to shakes. Eat meat, eggs, fish for protein, save the shakes for post-workout only) Just re-read you post. Dude, eat more me
  8. You mean fats like olive oil, coconut oil, nuts/seeds and avocados? but how much would one need to add to replace all the carbs? An equal # of calories.......So if you cut 100g of carbs you need to add like 45g of fat. I don't think lots of carbs are necessary either. I eat a rather low-carb diet as far as % of total intake. Only about 20%, and I have been gaining quite well. Different strokes for different folks I guess
  9. throw a can of coconut milk in each smoothie and you're good to go
  10. Make sure you are eating enough, first and foremost. Lots of people lose weight quickly on paleo since grains are such a significant part of most peoples' diets that cutting them causes a huge drop in calories consumed. Add some more fat, which brings me to my next point. Make sure you are eating a lot of fat and not tons of fruit. Meat, fat, and veggies should make up the majority of your diet. Finally, it is quite normal to feel lethargic in the beginningif you are eating rather low-carb, high
  11. Are you saying youw orkout for 2 hours at a time? if so, that is going to be a major problem. I think anything over 45 minutes is going to cause bad reactions such as raised cortisol levels(which can lead to inflamation). Try shorter workouts, and see if that helps. Split up weightlifting and cardio to different days. You'll get better results too.
  12. So like the title says, every moisturizer I have tried has caused clogged pores and breakouts. My skin is quite dry, dehydrated, and splotchy which results in occasional dry patch areas/zits. I just wash with water, since cleansers seem to make things worse. I have tried so many moisturizers, natural and commercial, yet every single one clogs my pores and turns my rather mild acne into severe puss-filled nastiness. Anyone else ALWAYS break out, but finally find something that works? I'm at wit's
  13. I get pustules, the nasty pus filled infalmed ones that eventually just pop and leave nasty red marks. My skin is so scarred and covered in redmarks from these. i never even went to a doctor for m acne because Im guessing they will just give me antibiotics which I do not want to take. As far as other health problems th only thing is that my hair is thinning which seems unusual for someone my age. I have tried everything to reduce DHT and stuff like that but with no success there either. I figure
  14. no sugar except whats in an apple and vegetables. no artificial ones either. I do not cheat ever!! All my friends think im crazy because i wont eat anything unless i prepare it. I have made every single meal for the past 10 months from scratch(except my break down week of eating junk) so i know everything that goes into my meals. I just dont get it. thanks for the suggestions so far though
  15. Alright at this point I am AVOIDING nuts, legumes, grains, dairy, eggs. WHAT I EAT Small portions of meat once or twice/day(chicken, beef, turkey, fish, lamb) Lots of vegetables- Kale, cauliflower, collards, broccoli, spinach, brussel sprouts, asaparagus, squash, peppers, cucumbers, carrots, occasional yam, cabbage, onions, celery, you get the point about 1 apple a day and usually half or whole avacado. Good fats(coconut oil, ghee) I take 2 teaspoons of cod liver oil a day.